Third-generation AirPods could launch on September 30

We all know that now the dance of dates for the keynote and subsequent launch of Apple products will be highlighted news this end of August and beginning of September. Actually the dates of presentation of products and subsequent launch will enter within the next month but until they are officially confirmed several sites place their “bets”.

In this case, the Chinese website IT Home discovered an image showing several launch dates for both the iPhone 13 and the third-generation AirPods. In the case of the iPhone you can see the date of September 17 as the launch date and in the AirPods the 30 of the same month.

Third-generation AirPods could arrive on September 30

We do not think that September 30 is a crazy date but there is nothing officially confirmed either and we are surprised that the launch of the iPhone is separate from that of the AirPods this time. In any case, it will be necessary to be patient with these rumors and see their day-to-day life since this “dance of dates” will be quite common from now on.

Some media indicated that the third generation AirPods could arrive independently at an external event or even without an event, directly announcing the product on Apple’s website as has happened on previous occasions. We are already looking forward to an event after a summer full of rumors and leaks of all kinds, we hope that Apple will launch a few products before the end of the year and among them these Third-generation AirPods with design change included.

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