This 100 GB mobile plan is completely crazy, this price is unprecedented

Changing mobile plan, but why? To save money and gain flexibility. This weekend, there is an offer that we (strongly) advise you to look at. She may not be back anytime soon.

We tend to rest too much on our laurels when it comes to mobile plans. And yet, taking a few minutes to switch subscriptions can save you tens or even hundreds of dollars a year. In a few clicks, 100% online, you will be able to switch from one operator to another. The procedure is free and automated.

Don’t think that changing your mobile plan is complicated: quite the contrary! However, the operators try to dissuade you from doing so in order to keep you. But when an offer like that of the MVNO Prixtel appears, you don’t have to think anymore. In terms of quality – data – price – flexibility (without commitment), the operator beats all its rivals.

I take advantage of the Prixtel offer

In recent years, Prixtel has experienced unprecedented popularity on the French market. It must be said that it has modified its range of mobile plans to better respond to the problems of the French. It starts with a 20 GB package at 4.99 euros per month but above all a 100 GB subscription for 6.99 euros. We challenge you to find better.

The big, best package in the range

To meet all customer profiles, Prixtel has developed three formulas: The small, The large and The giant. As their name suggests, they are intended for more or less moderate data consumers. If you only have a very limited use, Le petit will do the trick. The Le grand mobile plan is the one that will meet the greatest number of people.

At this MVNO, each mobile plan has points of similarity: calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited, the package is carbon neutral and non-binding, and there is a system of progressive data levels.

By default, the Le grand plan comes with 100 GB for 6.99 euros per month. It is a volume that will meet the needs of the vast majority of French people. However, Prixtel leaves you free to consume more without penalizing you financially. It has set up two upper levels that allow you to have a 3-in-1 package with always a correct price. Below is the breakdown:

  • 100 GB for 6.99 euros per month
  • 100 to 120 GB for 9.99 euros per month
  • 120 to 140 GB for 12.99 euros per month

Depending on the volume of mobile data that you will actually use over a month, you will therefore be billed according to these levels. For example, if in a given month you use 80 GB, it will cost you 6.99 euros. The following month, if you have a higher need for data and you reach 120 GB, it will cost you 9.99 euros. The following month, you can very well fall back on the lower level.

Discover this Prixtel package

Whether it is the 100, 120 or 140 GB level, the MVNO has worked on the price-quality ratio. At the moment, for example, you will not be able to find another mobile plan with 140 GB for only 12.99 euros per month. The same goes for the middle tier (120 GB) of this Le grand subscription. We invite you to compare with the competition to better understand.

Two other mobile plans

The Le Grand mobile plan is the one that meets average French usage. That said, you may have an unusual profile and therefore need a lower or higher volume of data. It is for this reason that the Prixtel operator has come up with two alternatives: Le Petit and Le Géant.

The Le Petit package includes 20 GB by default for 4.99 euros per month. At less than 5 euros, you will not be able to find such a volume of data elsewhere. If you use your internet connection very little on mobile (or if you are on Wi-Fi a lot), this subscription may be sufficient. There are two data levels that allow you to go further: 30 GB for 7.99 euros or 40 GB for 9.99 euros.

If you compare this mobile plan with Le grand detailed above, the higher levels are logically less interesting on this one. If you often use more than 20 GB per month, you will therefore have every interest in starting on the Le grand subscription. It is for this reason that we believe that the current quality / data / price ratio is more attractive with this one.

Discover the Prixtel packages

Finally, the last mobile plan in the range is The Giant. This starts by default at 140 GB for 9.99 euros per month. You then have two levels at 170 GB for 12.99 euros and even 200 GB for 15.99 euros per month. If you have an exceptional use of data on your smartphone, this package will be a very good choice. In terms of the data / price ratio, Prixtel gives you a real gift.

Prixtel, a rising MVNO

Today, Prixtel has made a name for itself among the most popular telecom operators on the net. It appears alongside RED by SFR and B&You, which do not have a discount as attractive as that of the MVNO. The two are content this weekend to offer packages around 70 GB for 13 euros per month. It is more than 2x more expensive than at Prixtel.

From a value for money point of view, Prixtel is THE mobile plan to choose this weekend. But beware, the current offer ends already Tuesday evening March 1st. It not only gives you access to a boosted data volume for life, but above all it allows you to make drastic savings over the entire first year. Future prices are displayed explicitly on the operator’s site.

To discover the range, it’s here:

Discover this Prixtel package

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