This 1TB SSD portable hard drive is half the price

Backup copies are something that should be associated with the use of all computers, something that should be mandatory in order to avoid losing information that, on many occasions, can be very valuable and irrecoverable. Losing our childhood memories, photos and videos from a trip, or any other document of important sentimental value, is an event that happens regularly but can be easily avoided by making regular backup copies.

When it comes to making backup copies, we have several options. On the one hand, we can choose to use a cloud storage platform, paying monthly or annually for a certain space. Another more comfortable option that only requires an initial investment is to buy a large capacity external hard drive and, through an application, periodically make a copy of all the data that we will not have without losing it. the possibility of recovering them.

If we are clear that what we need is an external hard drive, if we want the task of making the backup not to become an ordeal, we must opt ​​for an SSD model. Western Digital offers a large number of portable hard drives on the market with which to expand the storage capacities of our equipment or device and with which, in addition, we can also use it to make backup copies.

1TB portable SSD

Currently, Amazon makes available to us the 1 TB SSD hard drive from the veteran and well-known manufacturer Western Digital, a model that currently has a 52% discount. This model features NVMe technology and USB-C connectivity with 1000MB/s read and write speeds (it also includes a USB-A cable for use with older computers). In addition, it includes software that allows encrypting access to all content in order to prevent third parties from accessing its content.

The casing that protects it is resistant to shocks and vibrations and even withstands falls of up to 2 meters. Right now, on Amazon, the model with 1TB of storage and SSD, has a price of 119.90 euroswhich represents a 52% discount on its usual price, which is 249 euros.

Other options

If you need more storage space, Western Digital also offers us a model with the same data transfer speed features, with 2TB storage for only 215 eurosafter applying the 9% discount you currently have.

Another cheaper option if we look for 2TB of storage, we find it in the Crucial X6 model, a model with a maximum transfer speed somewhat less, 800 MB/s. This model is available on Amazon with an 8% discount and a final price of 150 euros.

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