This 2 TB external hard drive is reduced by more than 200 Euros

Currently, the photographs we take of our vacations or festivities weigh a lot. Google Photos already only offers 15 GB of free space, something that we will fill in a very short time with the photos and videos that we take. We have found this storage unitor SanDisk Extreme 2TB who now has a 50% off.

We have looked for an external hard drive with a large capacity, but one that also offers good resistance and transfer speed. This SanDisk solution meets the requirements we have set perfectly. In addition, it offers us more than enough capacity to store all the photos and videos of our vacations, parties and family events.

SanDisk Extreme 2TB

When Google decided to limit the capacity of his photos service, a solution had to be found. Many users found that they could no longer back up photos of their vacations, events, etc. Also, some old images suffer from corruption in some cases. For this reason, it is time to store the photos locally.

We have many storage options, but we find this SanDisk drive very interesting. We talk about a external hard drive based on a SSD driveso we will have great transfer speeds of data. These high speeds are important, since the more a file weighs, the longer it will take to transfer if the speed is not high.

SanDisk Extreme 2TB external hard drive

The SanDisk Extreme drive offers 2TB of storage in a fairly robust system that offers IP55 protection. This type of protection indicates that the unit is resistant to water and dust. Additionally, it has a very robust structure that allows it to withstand falls of up to two meters. So it is an ideal storage unit to take on trips without major problems.

This storage drive is based on solid-state memory chips with NVMe technology. Thanks to this, we can get reading speed up to 1050MB/s and of writing up to 1000MB/s This drive is based on the latest versions of the USB interface, which enables fast transfer speeds.

To ensure security and unauthorized intrusion, it has 256-bit AES encryption via hardware. The Memory Zone file management tool is also offered, which allows us to access the files from anywhere.

SanDisk Extreme 2TB

Compact, light and very fast

We see how units based on SSD technology are increasingly chosen by users. Among its strengths is the great transfer speeds. In addition, there is also the connectivity of these units, which is much simpler.

The SanDisK drive is based on a USB-C port, like any smartphone. So we could use our charger cable to get the photos from our computer to the drive or vice versa. A short cable with a USB-C connector at both ends is included, so we could transfer the photos from our smartphone to this storage unit.

Thanks to the great versatility that this SanDisk storage unit offers, we have a very complete solution. In addition, this unit is one of the best sellers on Amazon with more than 39,000 ratings.

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