This 2016 Theory Got The Stranger Things Season 4 Finale Right

We already know how hard it is to have to eat without wanting a SPOILER of those that burst one the end of a series, but what happened on this occasion breaks all records of spectacularity when it comes to telling us the end of something that is going to happen in a fiction like stranger things. And it was, neither more nor less than in October 2016, when the protagonists of the series revealed to us everything that was going to happen at the end of the first part of the fourth. Don’t you believe it?

If you want to hide something…

First of all, let me tell you that if you haven’t seen the first batch of Stranger Things season four episodes, do not continue reading, because otherwise you will find out everything that happens. And it’s not plan. The fact is that what happened with this video that we bring you below has its own, because we don’t know to what extent what the (small) actors said was something they knew about the future of fiction or simply a well-conceived conjecture based on of snippets seen on the internet.

If it was really something they knew, they did well to say so at the time, a little over five and a half years ago, because managed to hide a huge secret from the eyes of the entire planet, since as is often said, there is no better way to hide something than to do it in plain sight. Not in vain, the ending that is handled in this interview conducted on AOL Build (American Online) by the cast of young actors, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp and Natalia Dyer, leaves the blood to everyone who sees it.

What does it say exactly?

Although everyone seems to be talking about the series, specifically about the first season that premiered in July of that same year, there is a moment when Gaten Matarazzo takes the microphone and releases his particular theory that, he says, he has just read on the internet. You know what Dustin is like and what he likes to call attention to, but no, he manages to silence the rest and continue: “Most of the other test subjects besides Eleven, such as One to Ten, would be dead but others could be found banished in the world upside down, as if they couldn’t get out. And because they were there for so long, they were affected, as was Will, and it had an effect on them that ultimately transformed them into what they are now, a monster.

If you have seen the first batch of chapters of the fourth season, exactly that happens, that it is the time he has lived in the upside down world that causes the creation of the Vecna and, therefore, of the main threat that hangs over the kids of stranger things. So from now on, everyone pay attention to what they say without apparent importance from the series, lest they are telling us some fundamental secret of the definitive end of the series in a few years.

Yes indeed,to what extent this ending inspired the Duffer brothers or was it already present in your overall series planning in 2016?

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