This 20TB external hard drive is 25% off

Western Digital My Book Duo 20 TB

This Western Digital model is a typical unit in its range My book featuring a two-bay design that stores two storage units with which to configure a RAID 0 or a RAID 1 according to our needs (you have the differences of these two configurations explained in our special on NAS). This disk is not a NAS, but it has a gigantic capacity with which you can organize your files.

It has a USB C port with which, in addition to achieving magnificent transfers of 360 MB / s of sequential reading in RAID 0, we can enjoy two additional USB ports as a hub, so you can connect other devices directly to the hard drive so that your computer recognizes them.

Why do I need so many teras?

Synology NAS

The amount of TB this external drive offers may overwhelm you, but they could actually be of great use to you for a very long time. Although cloud solutions increasingly offer very affordable prices, there is nothing like having a physical hard drive at home to avoid privacy problems and other concerns.

In addition, taking into account the formats and resolutions that are handled today in devices such as mobile phones or video and photo cameras, we increasingly need more free space on our computer to store memories and all kinds of multimedia files, so if you Don’t worry, even this 20TB may be short on you in a few years.

A high price but with a great discount

The official price of this unit is 779 euros, but thanks to the 25% discount you are currently enjoying at Amazon, this 20TB My Book Duo is placed in the 555.99 euros, a discount of 187 euros that places it almost at the same level as the 12 TB version, so the reduction is important.

The price is also conditioned by the reason that it is a two-unit disk with the possibility of creating RAID systems, something that increases its price but offers much more versatility than a single disk configuration. And it is that in the event that you want to have a backup, you can configure the mirror mode with which you can enjoy 10 TB of capacity but with the peace of mind of having an automatic backup of your data.

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