This 34-inch Xiaomi monitor is possibly the best on the market

More and more users are choosing to have two monitors, something that allows them to carry out different tasks or see several windows at the same time. Well, we bring you a great alternative that, on top of that, allows you to save money. East 34 inch xiaomi monitor and curved is a great solution and worth less than 400 euros.

Acquiring two 1440p resolution monitors can cost us more than 400 euros quietly. This Xiaomi monitor is basically like having two monitors together and without frames that can bother. It offers great connectivity and a high refresh rate with a 1440p resolution.

Xiaomi Mi Curved GL 34 inches

According to Steam, over 65% of users using the platform have a 1080p resolution. But, an interesting fact is that there are more than 2% of users who have jumped to 1440p resolution. Monitors of this resolution are becoming more and more affordable and very attractive, much better than 4K monitors.

The first thing to note about this Xiaomi monitor is that it is based on a IPS type panel, offering great image quality. This monitor is 34 inches and offers a resolution WQHD (3440x1440p) with a 1500R curvature. This monitor offers us a 144H refresh ratez, is certified AMD FreeSync Premium and one 121% sRGB color coverage.

We are talking about a curved panoramic monitor that allows us to better focus on what appears on the screen and leaves all points on the monitor at the same distance from our eyes. In addition, it offers us excellent color quality, to enjoy our favorite games.

Through AMD FreeSync Premium technology and by offering a high refresh rate, a great image quality. In this way, we avoid typical problems such as flickering or the appearance of lines on the screen.

Xiaomi Mi Curved GL 34 inches

This monitor also has other very interesting features. The first is that it implements blue light mitigation technology to protect our eyesight during long hours of use. In addition, it has several window modes, highlighting the split screen mode, which makes us go from one monitor to two.

Regarding connectivity, this monitor is very well stocked. It has two ports HDMI2.0 and two Display Port 1.4as well as a headphone jack.

Surely, it is one of the best gaming monitors that we can find on the market. We can usually find it on Amazon for less than 400 euros. We also have it on Aliexpress for less than 400 euros. In addition, you have it at MediaMarkt for more than 450 euros, more expensive than in other stores.

1440p gaming monitor

Clean and care for your monitor properly

Something that you should do periodically is to clean the monitor and you should not do it in any way. It is important that you use a product that does not damage the screen and a microfiber cloth. The last thing that interests us is using chemicals that can degrade the screen or a cloth that causes damage to our monitor.

This product that we have chosen is ecological and completely free of chemicals. In addition, the diffusion is in spray and also without the slightest chemical. Two very good quality microfiber cloths are included to avoid damaging our screen.

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