this 360º surveillance camera is within range

A camera to look in any direction

Proof of this is this Yi model called Dome Camera X, which Amazon has on sale and at one of its best prices ever, and which It will allow us to put any room in the house under surveillance that we need to always have available: from the crib of the child who sleeps in the next room to an access through which we do not want surprises when we leave home.

as we say, you have this camera at one of its best prices always and with a 15% discount that leaves its cost at 35.69 euros, compared to the 41.99 it usually has, and with a practically immediate delivery date throughout the current week.

Of course, unlike other models, we we find ourselves before a camera prepared for interiors, so do not try to place it in a garden or area where it can suffer inclement weather, lest you end up destroying it. In the event that you are looking for a model capable of withstanding humidity, liquid splashes and even the most persistent dust and rain, then you will have to resort to other models classified as outdoor.

Dome Camera X Features

Its main characteristic is that does not leave a single angle to watch, since it is capable of rotating its axis (both horizontally and vertically) to show any point in the room where we have placed it. That makes it a perfect option to have a view of large spaces inside the house, which will save us having to buy more than one surveillance camera.

YI Technology - Yi Dome Camera X

It is capable of broadcasting images in real time, with 1080p resolution and 20 frames per second, more than enough to see what is happening, and It has 4X digital zoom as well as 8 LED lights invisible that allow us to see everything that happens in the dark, at night.

Another advantage it has is that, in case we want it not to monitor, we will be able to hide the camera under a folding casing that prevents it from capturing anything, in this way we remain calmer that at certain times no one will be able to see us… even if they are unwanted intruders.

Obviously, we can control all the activity from the smartphone screen, not only to see what is happening and communicate with our voice, but also to automatically is able to detect human forms and send notifications the moment they occur. What’s more, it is possible to create scenes (up to eight) with specific frames that we can memorize, so that at intervals of time it always looks in the direction that we most need to watch.

We can store the camera jumps on a microSD card (up to 128GB) inside the camera itself, or in the cloud thanks to the company’s service (YI Cloud) but which has a monthly cost. Although it is always an inconvenience to have to checkout, in the end it is the best thing to take with us all the alerts that have occurred in recent months.

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