This 47% off speaker is perfect for the beach and your vacation

Portable outdoor speaker

With a very peculiar design in the shape of a padlock, this JBL Clip 4 has some fantastic features that may catch your attention immediately, especially now that you enjoy a spectacular 47% discount. Its main characteristic is the unlimited portability it offers, since thanks to its clip you can carry it hanging from a backpack or suitcase no matter if a good rain falls on it.

And is that this JBL Clip 4 has IP67 certification with which to resist water and dust, so it is perfect to have it in the pool, take it on a hike or hang it in the garden. Its integrated carabiner will allow us to hang it from any rope or overhang, thus allowing the music to take to all corners if we place it at a good height.

Comprehensive features

JBL Clip 4

Like any other portable speaker, this JBL Clip 4 offers Bluetooth connectivity to bring music from your smartphone or any other device to the speaker. Its internal 3,885 mAh battery promises up to 10 hours of music in a row, so it’s not bad for good sessions outside.

Its total power is 5W which, although it is not something especially striking, will meet the requirements of the average user, especially those who seek freedom without too many complications.

A very original design

In addition to the carabiner clip, the speaker features a fabric design that makes it especially pleasant, as well as oversized buttons with a rubberized finish that feel especially good when pressed. The back also has a rubber finish that will prevent the speaker from slipping when placed on a flat, slightly sloping surface.

The best possible price

JBL Clip 4

With these characteristics, the official price of the JBL Clip 4 is 59.99 euros, but thanks to the 47% discount at the moment it can be purchased for nothing less than 31.99 euros, a fantastic price for its versatility and features.

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