This 5 euro malware steals all your passwords and data

There are many security threats that can put any system at risk. Some viruses are designed to steal passwords, others spy and collect data, some can even encrypt files… Hackers can have very different goals. In this article we echo a new malware that barely costs 5 euros and that it has the ability to steal passwords, bank details or browsing history.

DCRat, an all-in-one cheap malware

This malware is known as DCRat. It barely costs 5 euros, so it is very accessible for any cybercriminal. It has the ability to compromise the victim’s privacy and security in multiple ways. Unlike other threats that may have a single objective, in this case the year it can cause is highly variable.

The first thing this malware can do is steal data of all kinds. It can collect your passwords and login names, browsing history and information you have on the system. This logically can cause other attacks or serve to log you in fraudulently.

In addition, DCRat can take screenshots or access the clipboard. Basically it will have access to everything you do on the computer. We are therefore dealing with a fairly complete Trojan, but it is surprising for being really cheap, since it is available for just 5 euros, according to BlackBerry cybersecurity researchers.

Therefore, we are before a cheap malwarebut really dangerous. This means that we must always take precautions to avoid being victims and that personal data, passwords and our systems are always protected and we do not have any problems when using the devices.

Mail is the main entry point for malware

What to do to avoid this threat

Like any other similar threat, it is important to take into account some recommendations so that the computers are protected. The first thing is to remember the importance of common sense, since in most cases they will need us to make a mistake. For example, installing some program from insecure sources, downloading a file that is potentially dangerous, etc.

Another essential point is to have a good antivirus. Security programs will help detect malware and also remove it if necessary. There are many options available, both free and paid. Windows Defender itself is a tool that works quite well and can be very useful. You should always have good antimalware.

Also, a key factor in avoiding DCRat and other similar Trojans is having the updated system completely. Cybercriminals often take advantage of vulnerabilities and bugs that can affect a computer. This means that we must always have the latest versions installed and thus be able to correct those problems so that they cannot be exploited.

All in all, DCRat is a new security threat that can steal all kinds of data and passwords. To avoid it, you can follow the advice we have given, since the way it acts is not very different from other similar security threats. The objective is to prevent intruders in the computer.

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