This ’80s Airbnb Has the Arcade Basement of Your Dreams

Eighties Airbnb.

The House of Dreams

Although in the 70s of the last century they already became a more than popular form of entertainment and present in many houses, it wasn’t until the 80s that they really made the leap in a massive way. And that is something that Scott has taken into account, the Airbnb host who has made a curious offer available to clients of the accommodation platform to spend a gamers vacation. And not only that, but those who decide to pay the asking price will have the extra of being able to travel to the past.

Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States, this accommodation offers a complete setting of what was a house from the 80s with all kinds of decorations and furniture that take us back to those years. You only have to take a look at the room above you to find references to cultural phenomena of that time, such as the famous Purple Rain of Prince, the cartoons of Masters of the Universe or the promotional poster of an unrecognizable Bruce Springsteen at the dawn of his colossal musical career.

Eighties Airbnb.

If you take a closer look, you will see posters of the famous television series of Hulk from the 1980s, starring Lou Ferrigno, and a whole room full of consoles that we can connect to a tube TV from those years to relive old games at asteroids, Pac Man, Centipede, Galaga, galaxy and thousands more games that we can take with us. The list is endless, with Vectrex, CBS Colecovision, Philips Videopac, Sega Master System, NES and even Nec’s Turbografx, which also appears in the image and belongs to those 80s

But the fat is just below

If with all of the above you’re not happy you’re back in the 80s, then you haven’t seen what’s in the basement. neither more nor less than complete arcade games like those billiards that we had spread across half of Spain where we could play with the coin op most remembered of the time. Scott, the host, warns us that it is the most important private collection on the East Coast of the US, so we will have access to some of the most outstanding classics of those years, including models from the 70.

Eighties Airbnb.

Now, these arcades will not be open for us all day, but we will have to choose a slot of three hours to stay alone and play a game without anyone bothering us. If you want to spend a different vacation this year, you can reserve the days in which you are going to be enjoying this trip to the 80s and, in case you are interested, it has a price of 235 euros per night. Although if we take into account that we can stay with a maximum of four friends, the price does not seem very unreasonable. especially for the infinite doses of nostalgia that we are going to receive and that will serve to revive us from the daily stress of work and responsibilities. does a Pac Man?

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