This actor from La Casa de Papel dubs himself in 5 languages

La Casa de Papel has already come to an end, thus closing one of the series that has given more joys to Netflix since your beginnings. And is that the production of Álex Pina is a phenomenon not only in Spain but throughout the planet, where fiction is followed in many different languages. So far we do not tell you anything strange. The funny thing, however, comes when we discover that one of the actors has been doubling himself in these foreign editions, so that he can be heard on the broadcasts of various countries. Crazy!

An overwhelming success

What are we going to tell you at this point that you do not know about the success of The Money Heist. The Spanish title is one of the service’s par excellence titles, placing it among the most viewed series on Netflix and which has therefore given the most audience to the platform’s numbers. As we have already told you on more than one occasion, the history of the band was first premiered on Antena 3 but the repercussion was so poor that no one was betting on a second for even one season.

Then the red N arrived and did its magic: it took the proposal directed by Jesus Colmenar to his catalog, he did some publicity and automatically Spanish fiction became a mass phenomenon, with spectators disguising themselves as thieves and singing the “Bella Ciao” at the minimum of change.

It is not surprising that during its history, the company has also launched several specials, including a last one, on the occasion of the final, in which it is possible to see a certain actor from the cast dubbing himself in several languages. Can you imagine who it is?

Marseille, the band’s polyglot

Luka PeroŠ is the actor in charge of giving life to Marseille. This tall man with blond hair has been present in a good part of the series, characterizing a character who has helped the professor in numerous and important tasks related to the robbery of the Bank of Spain. And, despite not being a direct part of the gang that enters the building, it has gotten wet like the others and has had tasks of great responsibility such as, for example, starting the teacher’s Thumbelina plan or going behind Alicia Sierra in the final episodes, among many other actions.

PeroŠ is a 45-year-old Croatian actor with fantastic ability: he is a polyglot able to speak 5 languages with total ease. In this way he defends himself in Croatian, Spanish, English, German and Serbian and is dedicated, in addition to acting, to dubbing, being able to work in other languages ​​than those mentioned without problems.

It is not the first time that those responsible for the Netflix series talk about this but in the special of The Paper House: From Tokyo to Berlin Luka can be seen in full action in the studio, taking care of dubbing himself in some of the foreign versions of Spanish fiction. You can see him like this while he voices his character in English, German, French, and Italian, although he also handles the dubbing in Portuguese. There is nothing.

If you are curious, you just have to go to that special and advance to minute 39:10 approx. although there is also a video on YouTube in which it can be heard in different languages ​​in the same sequence and that we leave you below. What a skill!

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