This AI is more advanced than ChatGPT: it can even send you memes!

Many of you surely know the popular ChatGPT that you have heard so much about in recent months. An AI trained to offer us answers to all kinds of queries and with which we can interact almost as with a human. But at the same time we must bear in mind that there are many other platforms with these characteristics that go one step further and could even be considered better and more powerful.

In these same lines we are going to talk about a clear example of all this. In fact, we are going to focus on an impressive AI that comes to us from the hand of Microsoft called VisualChatGPT. and it is that the software giant here proposes an excellent solution that will surprise many to cover their needs until the arrival of GPT-4. The first thing that we will tell you is that one of the main advantages that this proposal offers us is that it intends to go beyond the text.

With this, what we want to tell you is that Visual Chat GPT offers us some interesting visual and graphic capabilities. With this specific project, what Microsoft developers want is to combine the capabilities and advantages of ChatGPT with the graphic elements in order to offer a better service before the arrival of GPT-4. And it is necessary to take into account that the software giant does not want to be left behind in this growing market based on AI.

Get to know this AI that Microsoft offers us

The company has taken important steps in this direction in order to improve the AI tools. Keep in mind that the mentioned ChatGPT is a text-based language model. This means that, for example, it does not have the same capabilities as DALL-E. But things change with the release of Visual ChatGPT, which is already available on its GitHub page. Here we find a chatbot that basically helps us to generate, modify or crop an image.

visual chat gpt

In this way, it takes advantage of the potential of ChatGPT with a series of graphic tools to send and receive images during the chat as such. Thus, the platform helps us generate images from text messages. With all this, it is intended to go one step further in Artificial Intelligence technology by adding more visual and graphic capabilities. Of course, we must take into account that the calculations to be carried out here are more advanced, so the consumption of resources can be multiplied considerably.

The entire set that Microsoft proposes allows us to send and receive texts and images, provide complex images, or visual editing instructions that require the use of AI. In this way we will have the possibility of generating our own images both for personal projects and for leisure. For example, we can even create our own AI-based memes. All of this while waiting for the launch of GPT-4, which shouldn’t take too long.

And it is that this arrival will mean the possibility of create images and videos from text messages, what is a will put an important advance in the Artificial intelligence.

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