this AI will create your excel functions

Excel is one of the best-known and most widely used spreadsheet applications in the world, an application included in Office and that has been on the market for more than 30 years, being a reference for the rest of the applications that have been reaching the market. to try to stand up to Microsoft’s solution to create any type of document.

As Artificial Intelligence has evolved, we have at our disposal different tools with which we can create texts or even images based on a description. But, in addition, we can also take advantage of it in other fields, such as, for example, to create Excel formulas and in Google Spreadsheets based on a description, so it is not necessary to do complex and long Excel courses if we want to get the most out of it. the maximum game, at least in everything related to the formulas.

Create complete formulas in seconds

Exelformulabot is a web page that uses artificial intelligence to create any type of formula based on a description. The operation is very simple, since we must describe the function that we want indicating where the data that we want to analyze is located or the cells from which we want to extract the information based on the criteria that we want to establish.

But, in addition to creating any type of formula, it also allows us to learn how to create them, since it includes a function that is in charge of explain the operation of the formulas that we copy into the application, an ideal function for when we are faced with a spreadsheet that shows data that we do not quite understand how it has appeared there, what is the reason for the result of that formula, without having to ask who has created it

Excelformulabot is intended for all types of users, from those who need to obtain an average of the data in a column, to those who need to extract a certain word from a cell if the value of the next one is greater or less than a certain number, as long as it starts with a letter. The first thing we must do to calculate a formula is to select if we want it for Excel (Excel) or for Google Sheets, select Generate and write an explanation of what we are looking for (the translation leaves much to be desired).


This AI works both through any browser and using the plugins available for both Excel and the Chrome extension to be able to use Google Sheets. The extension for Excel is available through the Developer menu (which we must activate previously through the application settings in the Customize ribbon menu and by activating the Developer box) with the name Excelformulabot. The extension for Chrome is available through this link to Google MarketPlace.

It’s free with a limit

We can use Excelformulabot completely free of charge, but with a maximum limit of 5 consultations per month, so for sporadic and very specific use it is more than enough since it also allows you to use the add-ons for Excel and Google Spreadsheets. However, if we need to get the most out of it, we will have to opt for one of the available payment plans. The individual plan is priced at $10.99 per month, although we can currently find it for as little as $6.99.

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