This AMD graphics card will have… 192 GB of memory!

A union that can achieve one of the greatest advances in an AI-oriented GPU, offering up to 192 GB of memory. An atrocity. We’ll see if it’s enough to unseat NVIDIA from the throne.

AMD GPU with 192 GB of memory

Apparently, AMD would have chosen Samsung as its partner because the main producer TSMC would be very busy trying to meet the deadlines with its rival NVIDIA, which would have requested huge orders.

This has made them have to look for an alternative, because they would be staying one step behind, and extending it any longer would not be a good sign. For this reason, together with the Japanese brand, they have gotten down to work. Two reliable companies that will try to get fully into this market.

amd mi300x presentation

Everything comes because it seems that Samsung would have passed the decisive quality tests for its HBM3 memory, and this is something that AMD liked and gives it confidence to bet on it.

The MI300X GPU and other AMD Instinct MI300 accelerators will try to lead the way in AI next year by leveraging Samsung’s advanced HBM3 memory and packaging technology, offering up to 192 GB memorynever seen until now.

NVIDIA, for its part, also has Samsung as a partner, since TSMC would not be able to guarantee all of their needs, therefore, it is difficult for AMD to get away from them, since they possibly have the same technology, at least on that side.

It was recently confirmed that SK hynix HBM3e DRAM will be used to power NVIDIA’s GH200 GPUs.

AMD also plans to release a more compact version of the “MI300” specifically for the Chinese market. This could significantly boost sales, benefiting both companies. The key here is how Samsung handles this situation, as it could be a pivotal moment for them. AI is the future, and if you are among the two most powerful companies, nothing can go wrong.

amd mi300x 750w

We have a long way to go to see the potential of all this, however, what we are clear about is that we will end up seeing it. Both NVIDIA and AMD know that there is a future and they do not want to be left behind. Competition is also good for the user, since it forces them to offer us the best in the fastest possible way.

And you, who do you think will win the battle? Will we be able to see everything they plan to launch next year? And above all, will it really be as impressive as they want us to believe or is AI a fad that finally won’t will come to nothing extraordinary? Leave us a comment with your opinion about it.

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