This Android app trolls Trump supporters who want to join his social network

This Android app has unwittingly tricked Donald Trump supporters. The app has indeed attracted all Internet users who wanted to install Truth Social, the former president’s social network, on their Android smartphone. Unfortunately, Truth is not yet offered on the Play Store.

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This Monday, February 21, 2022, Donald Trump finally launched his own social network, Truth Social (“The Social Truth”). Designed as an alternative to Twitter, Facebook and the like, Truth is guaranteed without moderation and without any form of censorship. Excluded from the networks after his presidency, the billionaire had pledged to offer an alternative to his supporters.

Donald Trump’s social network quickly fell victim to its own success. Shortly after arriving in the United States, the Truth app found itself top downloads on the App Store. According to the developers of the app, the “massive demand” generated a myriad of malfunctions. Many Internet users have received repeated error messages trying to create an account.

Android app unwittingly misleads Donald Trump supporters

First, Truth Social is only available on iOS. The application is not yet available on the Play Store, the Android app store. Trump supporters with an Android phone will have to wait to join their idol.

Eager to register on the social network, some Internet users have obviously installed an app called “MAGA Hub – Truth Social Trump”. This Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the application exceeded 100,000 downloads on the Play Store. The app, which was absolutely not offered by Trump’s teams, rose to the ranking of the most installed applications on the platform.

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It is an application that contains in-app purchases and intrusive advertisements. Specifically, the MAGA app subscribes users to a discussion group containing mostly memes. This service is billed at $28.99/month. Designed as a social network and instant messenger, MAGA unwittingly tricked netizens into joining Truth Social.

Faced with this involuntary success, MAGA was forced to suspend registrations following a series of technical problems. The app, however, continued to display its news feed, the content of which seems very similar to the publications visible on Trump’s social network. De facto, many Internet users remained convinced that MAGA was the Android version of Truth.

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