This Anker charger with four USB-C ports provides a maximum power of 120W

Anker’s new charger isn’t perfect yet, but it’s getting close. This block allows you to charge up to 4 USB-C devices, with a power that can go up to 120W shared.

Today, having four devices to charge at the same time is no longer extraordinary, especially in a house of technophiles! But this explosion of terminals has a downside: the charging cables that accumulate everywhere. Sure, there are multi-outlet chargers, but Anker’s 547 Charger ticks quite a few boxes.

For tech-savvy homes

The compact box includes four fast-charging USB-C ports with a cumulative power of 120W. All is not perfect, it will be necessary to avoid connecting a greedy laptop to any port: to obtain the maximum power of 100W, it will be necessary to connect the PC to the port on the far left, the only one capable of providing this capacity. .

And beware, as soon as you connect other devices to the unit, the power will be reduced. The cumulative 120W can be obtained for four devices in a 50W / 30W / 20W / 20W configuration. To put it more simply, we can connect a laptop and a tablet to the two ports on the left, and two smartphones to those on the right.

Credit: Anker

To navigate through the possible configurations, Anker provides a very useful summary to keep as close as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as plugging a device into it without thinking and hoping to get the maximum charging power, the technology is not there yet!

Despite everything, this Anker model is one of the most interesting chargers on the market today. It is supplied with a cable (detachable) to be connected to the mains, approximately 1.5 meters long. The 547 Charger is not yet on sale in the United States or Europe, but it will not be long. It costs $ 120.

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