This antivirus is the best protection that exists on Mac (-60%)

Computer attacks are always more violent. It is essential to take an antivirus to avoid the drama. It will only cost you a few euros a year and it gives you peace of mind. Imagine if you lost all your data any second: how would you feel?

For a long time, people thought Macs were less vulnerable to viruses (if at all) than Windows computers. In fact, computer attacks on Apple computers have grown exponentially in recent years. The firm’s engineering manager even admitted that there was far too much malware on these machines.

In reality, this vulnerability is mainly linked to the uses that people make of it: they download software or documents which are sometimes corrupt and which will then open the door to various attacks. For a year, the UpdateAgent virus has made life difficult for users, often without their knowledge. He is able to suck all the data and can control the machine remotely.

We insist once again on the fact of protecting yourself well: the data is sensitive, everything can disappear from one second to another. The feeling is awful. Among the effective solutions is the antivirus of the American cybersecurity company Intego. With more than 30 million customers, all on Mac, it has established itself as an industry reference. Its flagship antivirus drops to €19.99 instead of €49.99 per year throughout the weekend.

I use Intego antivirus

Intego is the benchmark for Mac cybersecurity. It is the only publisher to focus solely on macOS, unlike others who focus first on Windows and then adapt their solution to Mac. By opting for Intego, you have access to tailor-made software for the operating system with formidable efficiency. A 30-day trial period is offered.

A very premium antivirus

Every year, independent AV-Test experts rate each antivirus available on the market. Intego is still at the top of the rankings and they even claim that it is able to detect 100% of threats. With a team of American researchers continuously monitoring the entire network of machines (which have installed the antivirus), Intego is able to react quickly.

If security is the number 1 selection criterion for this antivirus, it must also be recognized that the software is pleasant to use. It installs quickly (and uninstalls just as quickly if necessary) and then lets itself be forgotten. You won’t get those incessant, anxiety-provoking pop-ups like you get from other antivirus vendors. Intego doesn’t let the machine slow down either, which is nice.

If you want to take your Mac security and optimization even further, Intego has also released a much more comprehensive security suite. Called Mac Premium Bundle, it includes: its antivirus, a cleaning tool on Mac, a parental control tool and a backup system in the cloud. These are really essential software that are complementary.

In terms of price, the Mac Premium Bundle is sold at 29.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros. This is an offer that is non-binding and valid for the first year. You can always test it for 30 days and then convince yourself to continue with the service. By adding 10 euros per year, you are entitled to three other software (in addition to the antivirus software for Mac) which are effective. We can only advise you.

To discover the Mac Premium Bundle, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Intego solution

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