This Artificial Intelligence helps you pass your exams: this is how Humata works

Artificial Intelligence is a reality that we cannot ignore and that, if we pay attention to apocalyptic movies, over the years, it will take control of the world and destroy it, as if it could only do negative things. In the middle of last year, different models were presented that make use of AI to generate any type of image. Shortly after, ChatGPT, the AI ‚Äč‚Äčthat allows us to generate any type of text based on a description, one of the most used tools in educational environments and that even some teachers support its use, although not the vast majority.

Since then, there are several proposals that have reached the market to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence. Today we are talking about Humata, an AI that will help us obtain better grades in our exams thanks to the ability to synthesize that it offers us, helping us to filter only the most important content of each topic. But, in addition, it also allows us to ask questions about the document in question, just as if we had the teacher at home.

The teacher at home with Humata

Humata is an Artificial Intelligence platform that allows us to work with articles with a maximum of 20 pages completely free only in PDF format, so we will have to convert the document to this format if it is in a different one.

If we want it to process files with a greater number of pages, we will have to go through the box and pay $14.99 per month to analyze a maximum of 60 pages per document, although in the future it will be unlimited. All the content that we upload to the platform is encrypted and is only accessible in our account, so we are the ones who have control over them, not the platform.

At the moment, it only allows us to ask questions about a certain document, but, according to what they say on their website, in the future, we will have the possibility of making queries across multiple documents. In addition to analyzing the text and answering any question we ask in a very close way, it is also an excellent tool for summarizing long articles, especially when it comes to complex technical articles. Once we have uploaded the document to the platform, we will have to wait for it to analyze it. Depending on its size, this will take more or less time.

By understanding human language, we can ask any kind of question. The results will be accompanied by page references from which you obtained the information. If we want it to show us a summary of the document, we just have to indicate “make a summary” without the quotes. Seconds later, it will show us a summary of all the content. Depending on the information and the number of pages that make it up, the summary can be a few lines or several paragraphs. Despite understanding Spanish perfectly, it is advisable to review the answers that it offers us because it skips some grammatical errors that give clues that it has not been created by a person, but by a machine.

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