This artist makes mythical scenes with LEGO dolls and Photoshop

No, what you see is not 3D

lego cinema videogames brickpanda

Brickpanda (@brickpanda82 on Instagram) is an artist whose specialty is recreate snapshots from your favorite movies and video games. She does it with figures of LEGOand its results are really impressive.

At first glance, we could say that Brickpanda is a 3D genius, but according to what he tells us, his images They are not renders, but photographs. And let’s not think that it uses the best Sony Alpha camera on the market with a professional macro lens. Brickpanda uses his iPhone to take snapshots. Then his skill with photoshop ends up adding the magic.

The artist posts the images on Instagram in what we could say are “series.” For a few weeks, Brickpanda usually uploads posts on the same topic, and we dare to say that he has few likes for the quality of the content he generates.

In recent days, Brickpanda has published photos related to Horizon Forbidden West, with a style and setting identical to the video game. Brickpanda is not only limited to taking the photo and changing the background, but renders your images to look like something out of the movie or video game scene in which the scene occurred.

Let’s review some of the most interesting series that the artist has recently uploaded to his Instagram profile:


brickpanda the batman

We can say that Brickpanda liked the last Dark Knight movie quite a bit. He uploaded a total of 9 images related to this movie. All are perfectly made, but the most impressive is undoubtedly the one that recreates that moment in which Alfred is about to open an explosive package that is addressed to Mr. Bruce Wayne.

batman brickpanda lego

However, there are other very good moments of the film that the artist has represented with his LEGO figures, such as when he comes upstairs in the club and stamps The Penguin against the window, the murder of the mayor by Enigma or the scene in which the protagonist and Catwoman say goodbye on a motorcycle.


brickpanda matrix

The artist has also published several very funny images of the Matrix. Among them we can see the mythical rooftop brawl from the first film from multiple different perspectives, as well as the scene where Morpheus explains to Neo that humans are being used by machines as batteries.

lego matrix

Of course, the funniest is the one that represents the Neo’s meeting with The Architect in Reloadedthat scene that we have seen dozens of times to be able to fully understand it.


lego brickpanda star wars

Brickpanda is not the first artist to recreate Star Wars scenes with LEGO figures, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an equally spectacular piece of work. If we have left Star Wars for last, it is because its images They look straight out of the LEGO Star Wars video games.. So much so that there are quite a few users who ask him in each publication if they are renders.

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