This asks Batman Gotham Knights on PC, is it time to change the laptop to play?

A few years ago Rocksteady revolutionized the market for games based on super heroes with Batman Arkham City. After three sequels leading Bruce Wayne, this time the proposal is a story starring his apprentices that have just been released for PC and consoles. Are you interested in playing this game on your PC and find out if your system is suitable? well these are the requirements to play Gotham Knights on your PC.

Those of us who have been reading the Batman comics for decades know that its universe and plots are much richer and more complex than the limited film and television adaptations, and the people at Rocksteady have based them on them, who have not made the game based on them. not on Batman himself, but on the Batfamily. And it is that in this game the bat will not be the protagonist to make way for Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood. All this in a game that repeats the formulas of the Arkham saga and evolves them to bring them up to date.

What are the Gotham Knights requirements?

For the umpteenth time we return to the streets of the Gotham City to fight against classic villains such as The Penguin, Mr. Freeze and many iconic characters from the franchise, but this time in Gotham Knights we will bring the heroes who grew up under the wing of Batman and who became they have become protagonists, to the point where they have their own comic series. Of course, they have not had much prominence in other media and one of them is video games. Well, the fourth installment of the Arkham saga is here.

At the moment Rocksteady has published the minimum requirements, that is, the PC that we are going to need to enjoy the game, but not in its maximum technical and visual splendor, however, it gives us a clue of what we are going to need to be able to enjoy the game with ease and without worrying about performance of our PC. Well, in order to play Gotham Knights we are going to need:

  • a processor Intel Core i5-9600K or an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 or higherthat is, it is a game that asks for a 6 core 12 thread configuration. So we do not recommend using a CPU with less than that configuration.
  • As for memory RAM asks for 8GB, it is understood that it is in double channel. Although as we have already told you several times lately, at this point we would go for the 16 GB.
  • A NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or one Radeon RX 590 like graphics cards. We’d up the ante to an RTX 3050 or RX 6600.

As you can see, it’s a title that doesn’t precisely ask for a modest system, but neither does it ask for the requirements of some games of high technical caliber or that are poorly optimized taking advantage of the changing power of the PC. In any case, if you are one of the countless owners of a GTX 1060 or a GTX 1080, you can enjoy it without renewing the computer. Of course, to enjoy it at its best, we recommend that you use an NVIDIA RTX 2000 or an AMD RX 6000.

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