This Audacity hack shows the details of your sound card

For those of you who do not know it, we will tell you that when we talk about Audacity we are referring to what could be considered the most interesting open source alternative in the sector. It is a program used by many users around the world to work with their sound files. The main reason for its success lies in the enormous number of functions that it offers us, roll in a simple way. In addition, we can use it without having to pay a single euro.

In this way we will have the possibility, just by downloading and installing the program, to carry out a multitude of tasks related to these contents. As soon as we start Audacity we can load them to see on the screen the corresponding graph with the audio signal of each file. In addition, the application allows us to work directly on this signal that we are commenting on to facilitate our tasks. Next, at the top of the program’s main interface, we find menus that take us directly to the available functions.

However, as we mentioned before, to get the most out of this application we need certain hardware components. Despite all this, on some occasions we do not know exactly the elements that we have on our computer. As with the entire graphics system, the audio is extremely important here as well. In this way we will have the possibility to make the most of this application that we are talking about related to sound, or any other.

Get to know your sound card in depth from Audacity

Once we know exactly the information regarding our sound card, maybe that helps us get more performance out of the software. And it is that in this way we will have the possibility of using the different functions in a more effective and faster way. It is true that we can always use the information provided, in some way, by the manufacturer of the card itself. There are also certain specific programs that help us with these tasks.

With everything and with this, in the event that we are ready to work with Audacity, without leaving this application we can have extensive information regarding our sound card. What we must bear in mind here is that some of the data that we are going to obtain is especially suitable for more advanced users. We also find basic information regarding this hardware component, so its usefulness affects everyone, novices and professionals.

Therefore, to obtain the report that we comment here and get to know our sound card to the fullest, we only have to open the commented program. Next, we go to the menu option Help / Diagnostics / Information of the audio device. This will lead to a new window that will open automatically with a large amount of information related to this component. You have to know that if we click on the Save button we will have the possibility of generate a text file with all this data.

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