This Bluetooth keyboard is worth everything, and you can buy it at a price without VAT!

When looking for a keyboard for our PC, before buying the first one we come across, we must stop to think if we would also like to be able to use it on other deviceswhether they are computers, tablets or smartphones. Today, the ecosystem of applications for tablets is equal to or larger than that of applications for PCs, so working with a tablet or even a smartphone is not an unreasonable idea and more and more users are using it usual way on a day-to-day basis.

Wireless keyboards that work via bluetooth can be found in any store, keyboards that, unfortunately, offer a very unpleasant experience because the keys travel is very short, they are very close together and we end up pressing several keys at the same time, due to the distribution of the keys among other factors, not to mention the high battery consumption.

If we are looking for a bluetooth keyboard that takes up little space to carry with our tablet or store anywhere on our desk, one of the best solutions that we can find on the market is the Logitech K-380, a keyboard that we can find both on Amazon and on PcComponents by 36.99 euros with a 21% discount, we could say that we can buy it without VAT. Its usual price is 46.99 euros.

What the Logitech K-380 offers us

The Logitech K-380 allows us to connect the keyboard up to 3 different devices, regardless of its operating system, so we can use it with our Windows or Linux PC (also valid for Mac) with the iPad if we have to leave the house and continue working or studying or even with our TV if they have a Bluetooth connection . The top bar of the keyboard includes 3 shortcuts to select which device we want to connect to, keys highlighted in yellow, so we can identify them quickly and easily.

The separation of the keys is practically the same as in any extended keyboard, so we will not notice the difference if we are used to a full one, except that it does not include a numeric keypad. The autonomy of this keyboard, in normal use, is greater than a year (two years according to the manufacturer), so we should not worry about running out of battery at the most inopportune moment.

The keyboard layout is QWERTY in Spanish, the keys include a slight curvature so that the interaction is more pleasant to the touch than with other similar much cheaper bluetooth keyboards, whose keys are completely flat. It’s available in various colors. The offer that we can find today on Amazon corresponds to the model in black. However, it is also available in other colors such as sand, blue, white, pink and purple, although they do not have the same discount.

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