This camera is capable of capturing one million frames per second

Phantom TMX 5010

Can capture slow motion video It has always been something very attractive for any type of user, although it is true that content creators who then take that material to an editing program are the ones who take advantage of its possibilities at the narrative level the most.

However, the slow motion video that can be achieved today with a mobile device, a DSLR or mirrorless camera is limited by the technical characteristics of the sensors and processors. Still, thanks to software techniques like interpolation, some phones reach higher frame-per-second rates.

However, nothing is comparable to a slow motion camera created specifically for that purpose. And of course, in this field there is a brand that stands out above the rest: Phantom.

The manufacturer has now launched a new model that by specifications is for them an entry-level camera. Even so, it is a real monster and with it you could record videos as spectacular as that of this bullet hitting a transparent gel block.

The new Phantom TMX 5010 is a rear-illuminated sensor (BSI) camera offering a maximum resolution of 720p (1280 x 800 pixels). It is true that it is not the highest resolution, but mobile phones or cameras that want to record at more than 480 fps already lower their resolution a lot to be able to manage all that information.

So imagine the computational work a camera capable of capturing up to 1.16 million frames per second will have to do. Although that would be at the lower resolutions of 1280 x 30 pixels, when shooting at what the sensor gives the frame rate capable of capturing it would be 50,725 insane.

In order to manage all this information, the camera has 512 GB of RAM and a processing capacity of 50 Gpx / second. All this with real speeds, without interpolation. Although there are also modes that via software offer better results and flexibility with according to what configurations.

Anyway, knowing that it is such a particular camera, the best of all is to enjoy some of the slow motion videos that this and other similar proposals are capable of offering. Make them really hypnotic.

An entry-level camera and a $ 60,000 price tag

The Phantom TMX 5010 is considered as a entry-level model within the company’s own catalog, but that does not imply that it is an inexpensive product available to everyone.

Actually, it is estimated that the price of this new proposal could be around $ 60,000 or $ 80,000. A high price for most users, but for laboratories or research sites that are the type of audience they are really aimed at, although it could be used in video production companies or advertising agencies (despite being the Flex 4 best option) yes it is much more affordable than other models.

So, if investment is not a problem for you and you want to see how life goes by at a different speed, this is your camera.

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