This card allows you to play PC games on your Switch

If there is a console that can harm the Nintendo Switch in the medium and long term, it is the Steam Deck. Valve’s machine is not only a more powerful alternative, but also allows you to enjoy many other games that are not available on Nintendo Switch. In the absence of Nintendo launching its own system to use the Switch as a Cloud system at home using our PCthis Chinese company that we are going to talk about has already taken a few steps to bring this feature to our homes.

CyberPunk 2077 on the Switch and lying on the couch? With this chip it could be possible

The Nintendo Switch has its flaws, but its strengths are so good that we can rarely resist its charms. If you have the Switch and a next-gen console or powerful PC, there’s a dilemma which occurs frequently. You want to buy a game that is on both platforms. But… which one do you prefer? Playing on the Switch guarantees you both versatility like being able to play a game lying on the sofa, on public transport or anywhere. All this in exchange for give up resolution and frame rate. However, there are times when the game that we would like to play on the Switch is not available for the Nintendo console. Surely some of you have ever thought that there should be a form of power stream a PC game on the Nintendo Switch. And, although there are unofficial solutions that already do it, the truth is that the ideal would be for there to be something that does not require modifying the console.

During this Tokyo Game Show 2022, Accomplished Electronicsa hitherto unknown company, has filed a network card prototype designed to be able to streaming PC video games locally with the Nintendo console. It is a Wi-Fi module that is integrated into the Nintendo Switch and that no need to open or modify the console. This Accomplished Electronics device contains an entire SoC in charge of receiving the Wi-Fi signal, processing the video and sending the input from the buttons back to the PC. The card sits directly over the slot where we usually plug in physical Nintendo Switch games. And, although it is not particularly aesthetic, during the presentation of the product, Accomplished Electronics showed a gameplay Virtually no delays stray, the game of the street cat that gave so much to talk about this summer. This title from Annapurna Interactive still has exclusivity with Sony and PC, so there are many Nintendo Switch players who are willing to sink their teeth into this fun title.

Will the Stream Card reach the general public at some point?

For now, Accomplished Electronics was only looking for financing to carry out your project. The chip seems to be working fine, but everything It will depend on what Nintendo thinks about it.. Regardless of whether the module does not require a modified console to work, it will be up to the Big N to decide whether or not that product is suitable for your console. Therefore, we do not know if this invention is going to be put up for sale one day and what price it could reach.

However, many of us who have a gaming PC at home would be happy to play computer titles directly on the Switch with this method. To a certain extent, it would motivate us not to buy the Steam Deck.

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