This case turns your iPhone into a badminton ball

Blow up your phone safely

Some time ago we met AER, a kind of case designed to be used together with the GoPro Hero. Thanks to it, users of these popular action cameras were able to launch them into the air without fearing for their integrity and achieving aerial shots without the use of a drone.

Logically, the use of AER and a GoPro camera offered certain limitations regarding the type of shots that a drone allows, but it must be admitted that it was an interesting solution. It was not perfect, but as the GoPro itself already turned out to be very resistant, the idea liked or, at least, interested some other user.

Well, now the same people responsible for that accessory that sought funding on Kickstarter return to the fray with AER TYP (Throw Your Phone). That launch your phone already gives a good idea of ​​what you are going to find, a new case that this time is designed for you to insert your mobile phone inside and launch it safely, at least that is what its creators say.

The accessory is made up of two parts as you can see in the video. The first we would say is the case where you are going to put the phone and the second a kind of tail similar to that of a car that allows you to keep the flight as straight as possible.

Both parts are made of a material capable of absorbing the impact and thus prevent the device that goes inside from being damaged. This is how they want you to feel safe to throw the 1,000 euro phone you bought into the air. Because in the video the demonstration is done with an iPhone.

An accessory to use with someone else’s phone

The idea of ​​AER TYP we are not going to deny that it has its interesting and striking point, but it is unlikely that you are going to use it with your phone, with that one that has cost you so much to buy. In addition, if in the case of the iPhone it is Apple itself that does not advise mounting it on a motorcycle or bicycle because the vibrations could affect the cameras, imagine throwing it into the air.

And even so, if you do it with the confidence that nothing is going to happen to it, neither by the design it has itself ensures that it cannot end up hitting a projection that does damage the phone. You would have to be very sure of the terrain and where it could fall. O well use it to throw it rugby ball style.

However, if you dare to do it, it is true that with the Timelapse function or slow motion video recording you could get the odd interesting shot. If the phone is not yours, then you may be encouraged to use it. What do you think?

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