This change in the Epic Store lets you see all your games at once

Surely most of you in recent times have heard many times about Steam. This could be considered as the pc game store biggest in the world. But that does not mean that it is the only proposal of these characteristics from which we can benefit. In fact, there are many other similar alternatives, although smaller and limited in terms of games available, there are other game stores that are very worthwhile. The aforementioned Epic Store is a clear example of this.

As a general rule, these game stores to which we refer can be use through our internet browser favorite. However, and to get the most out of these stores that we are mentioning, it is best to install their client if possible. Actually, we are talking about the programs that they offer us and that we can install in the operating system to access said store. In turn, these clients offer us the possibility of taking a look at our personal libraryinteract with other users, buy other game-related itemsetc.

As you can imagine, this is something that can be extended to the Epic Store client that we can download for free.

View all your Epic Store games on screen at once

There is no doubt that one of the most important elements that we find in these stores and their corresponding customers is the library. This is where over time we store all the titles we have purchased so that we can run them whenever we want. And that is precisely the importance of protect our account in stores of this type such as the aforementioned Epic Store.

In the event that we have a large content library, for example, with several hundred, locating a specific video game can become a somewhat tedious task. It is precisely for all this that sometimes we would like to be able to have all those games on a single screen. So we could move through it instead of going from one to another until find the title that interests us.

It is worth mentioning that the epic store client, when we access the content library section, it allows us to view them in various ways. This is something that we can configure at the bottom of this same window where we find a drop-down list.

Here we have the possibility to establish the number of games that we can see on each screen. But if we don’t intend to switch between different windows to locate a specific video game and we want to see them all in one, here we opt for the all option. In most cases this will be the best way to find the titles that interest us at a given time.

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