This change in Windows 11 taskbar really annoys

From the moment we began to see the first images of Windows 11 we realized that the taskbar was going to be the protagonist, for the worse. The first thing is that the centered icons did not quite convince users as it was very macOS. Being able to place it exclusively on the bottom did not help either, when many prefer to use the taskbar to the side or at the top.

And now Microsoft has recognized a new feature that has been removed from this taskbar. And removing this feature really bothers us more.

Goodbye to being able to drag icons to the Windows 11 taskbar

The taskbar has become more than just a place to view open windows: it has become a complete application launcher. In it we can place all the programs that we used to use often so that we always have them at hand.

Until Windows 10, the fastest way to place the icons on this taskbar was dragging them from the desktop, or from any other folder, to it. However, with Windows 11 this is no longer possible. Microsoft will not allow adding applications to the taskbar in this way.

Nor will it be possible drag a file from the desktop, or a folder, to one of the applications pinned to the taskbar to open it with that application. Anything that is dragging items to the taskbar is locked. At least for now.

Of course, yes we will be able to anchor the applications we want within the taskbar, it would be missing more. But the process will be more manual, having to open the program, launch its contextual menu and select the anchor option from it.

Windows 11 Taskbar - Pin Program

An unnecessary way to complicate something that, until now, was much simpler.

There is also no context menu

If we click with the right mouse button on taskbar Windows 10 we can see a very wide context menu, with many customization options.

Windows 10 Task Bar - Context Menu

However, this is another of the things that has changed in Windows 11, and that, the truth, is quite annoying. If we right-click on the taskbar of the new Microsoft OS we will realize that only one option appears, an option that allows us to go to the configuration panel, but nothing else.

Windows 11 task bar - Context menu

Windows 11 is scheduled to launch during the months of October or November of this year and, although Microsoft would still have time to reverse these functions, everything indicates that we will have to learn to survive without them. At least for a while.

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