This common mistake will cause you to spend 20% more light when using the oven

In order to save on the electricity bill, you can take into account certain tips and good practices. However, sometimes we make mistakes without knowing it and that can cause the bill to skyrocket. In this article we talk about a common mistake that you have surely made on some occasion, and that can make your oven consume up to 20% more electricity every time you use it to cook.

Opening the oven makes you spend 20% more

have you ever opened the oven door to see if the food is done or lacking a bit? Every time you do it, you are wasting energy. Think that the objective of the oven is to maintain a high temperature inside in order to heat the food. Every time you open the door, a lot of temperature is lost.

From Iberdrola they have issued a warning about this fact so that customers can spend less on the electricity bill when using the oven. They calculate that every time the door is opened, even for an instant, loses more or less 20% of the heat. If you do this several times, the consumption will logically be even higher. The oven will have to consume more to recover that lost heat.

It is important that you avoid opening the door when you have the oven on. It is similar to what happens if you open the refrigerator door, especially in summer, or if you have the heating on in a room and open the windows and doors. Therefore, avoiding this can help you save a lot on your electricity bill if you think about all the times you use the oven after a year.

Turning off the oven a while before is a good idea

Can we do something else to save a little more on the electricity bill when using the oven? Another good practice is do not rush to the maximum to turn it off. That is, if you are going to heat something for 10 minutes, for example, do not turn it off just when you are going to take out the food. You would be wasting residual heat.

What we recommend is that turn off the oven a while before. A few minutes before taking out the food, for example. In this way you can take advantage of the residual heat or thermal inertia and continue cooking but without the need to consume electricity. Of course, avoid opening the door since you will waste that heat and it will be of no use.

As you can see, it’s a simple gesture and it can certainly help you save something on your electricity bill. In the end, each small gesture can serve to pay less each month. The sum of everything can save you a few euros when cooking, as well as when heating your home or using any appliance connected to the current.

In this case we have focused on the oven and on something as common as opening the door to see how the food is going. Are you one of those who makes this gesture? Do you have other tricks to try to spend less light when cooking? Something you can also do is control the oven through a smart plug. Of course, you need to avoid Wi-Fi cuts and make it work well.

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