This concept of PS5 merged with the PlayStation Portable leaves one dreaming

If you dream of a portable console from Sony with a PS5 interface and controls inspired by the Dualsense, here is a tempting concept. Appeared on Reddit, the image quickly made the rounds of the Internet, relaunching the debate on the viability of a replacement for the PS Vita, an extremely pleasant portable console, but definitely unloved.

Only portable consoles are rare now. Even at Nintendo. The Switch Lite is indeed one of them. But it is above all an alternative for those who do not want (or cannot) invest in a classic Switch. And the latter, even if it is a hybrid, is above all a “domestic” console: it can be used in the living room, whether it is attached to its dock or not.

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At Sony, the concept of a portable console has been abandoned. The beautiful ideas of the PSP and some PS Vita have been transferred to Xperia, especially the Remote Play which allows you to play your PS4 and PS5 games on a device that is smaller than a 55-inch TV. We will certainly never know a portable console as powerful as a PlayStation 5. And yet, wouldn’t it be great to play Ghost of Tsushima, Resident Evil Village, God of War or Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart on a plane?

Do you dream of a portable PS5? Here is a concept that makes your mouth water

A Reddit user shared the image accompanying this article. This is a concept he created with a friend representing what they imagine to be a hypothetical successor to the PS Vita. We find there some elements borrowed from the PS5, of course. In particular the levers which take over the Dualsense color code. Some small tweaks were made to bring the analog sticks closer to the edge and reduce the spacing between the buttons on the right and the cross on the left. It seems that the two friends have pressed on the joycons of the Switch to create the controls for this concept.

In the center, you find a large tablet screen. Difficult to assess what the size could be. We opt for 8 inches, which is a slab a little larger than that of a smartphone. The borders are very fine. On the one that underlines the panel, you will find several keys: the share and menu buttons, who had to be deported. There is also the PSP logo. The nostalgic will draw their little tear. It’s a nice concept that certainly deserves to be tweaked. But, even so, it makes you want a lot. Too bad Sony no longer wants to develop a portable console.

Source: Reddit

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