This controller could be the ultimate test for Elden Ring fans

Elden Ring is, at the moment, one of the most celebrated releases and important in the world of video games so far this year and, surely, the one that has received the best reviews despite the enormous difficulty it imposes on players. Now, if you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to gameplay with FromSoftware’s title, know that you’re light years away from being surprised. At least until you see this gamepad toy?

all because of a joke

It has become as viral as you can imagine, since several social network users launched Twitter what seems like a joke that has ended up becoming a reality. And it is that everything started from the accounts of the famous user Wario64, who went so far as to affirm that the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn gamepad (which in principle has no real utility to be used with a console) it was perfect to use as a form of control from Elden Ring.

perfect for Elden Ring. may not be allowed for EVO

— Wario64 (@Wario64) April 15, 2022

Obviously, something so crazy could do nothing but draw attention, and that is precisely what has happened in the hands of another user called Rudeism, who decided to take that joke and turn it into reality, injecting that toy with all the life you can imagine thanks to the magic of an Arduino Pro board and a whole series of connectors capable of giving meaning to each of the buttons on this Fisher-Price gamepad. So, do you think that this controller is finally perfect to play with? Elden Ring?

So things, what Wario64 turned into a crazy idea became a project that has borne fruit and it has allowed a user to make sense of that toy gamepad, as you can see through the video that he published a few hours ago. Of course, if you intend to use it on a PlayStation at the moment you will have to forget about it because the first (satisfactory) test has been carried out on the PC version of Elden Ringwhich seems to confirm that it could also be operational on Xbox.

Piece by piece changing everything

The project has not been an easy task because Rudeism has not only had to replace the entire interior of the toy to place the Arduino Pro board, but the buttons and even the left analog stick have been changed for functional elements that give use to each of the fun and childish buttons of the original toy. Of course, unfortunately, this model does not have a right stick, so other very imaginative solutions have had to be found, so that we do not miss it in the game, hence the number and music buttons at the bottom have been transformed to offer concrete actions within Elden Ring.

Of course, although it is possible to use this toy as a gamepad in the FromSoftware title, do not think that it has lost its ability to entertain us with its lights and sounds, since Rudeism has kept them to remind us that we are wandering the lands of Elde Ring with a toy for children over six months in the hands. Do you want to have it? Well know that it is still possible to buy it today.

oh and one last easter-egg: As if that were not enough, being able to enjoy this toy as a controller for PC or Xbox, on top of that comes with the gift of containing the famous Konami code. do you remember what it is?

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