This could be one of Xbox’s surprises at Gamescom

The past month of June was full of video game conferences that began with the famous Summer Game Fest. Shortly after, other different conferences were happening, among which the presentation of Xbox and Bethesda especially stood out. Considering the sheer number of titles that were shown at the event, it would be strange to think that Microsoft still has material to show at the next Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022. However, a recent leak invites us to think that those from Redmond have kept a secret. little surprise for this day.

The Gamescon Opening Live will take over from the Summer Game Fest

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After organizing the Summer Game Fest, the journalist Geoff Keighley has a new appointment to show the world the latest news from the video game world. The event will take place in Germany between Monday 22nd and Sunday 28th August. However, the strong part of the appointment will be the Opening Live 2022which will take place on tuesday 23 and that promises to be a conference of a couple of hours in which we will see even more news.

We know absolutely nothing about what video games could be presented that day – and we assume that the organization will work to prevent something like the leak of The Last of Us a few minutes before the event a couple of months ago—. However, on the hardware side, it is possible that microsoft something has escaped.

A new Xbox controller at Gamescon?

Microsoft has a good track record of Leaks of your controls for consoles before the official announcements. Going back a bit, the white Xbox Series X controller appeared on internet forums long before the company announced it. The exact same thing happened with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The peripheral for people with reduced mobility appeared on the Internet shortly before being officially announced.

Well, something like this has happened again with him. xbox elite 2 Although they have kept it totally secret, a mysterious user has appeared on YouTube who has in his possession a box with a white knob with black grips. The user has made a unbox in the video, and it doesn’t look like it was staged. The video comes after an all-white Xbox Elite 2 handheld appeared in a US store earlier this year.

Taking into account the proximity between these events and Gamescon, it is possible that Microsoft will take advantage of this event to present this new variant of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2. In fact, the idea of ​​thinking of Gamescon to make this announcement is not a coincidence. The original white Xbox Elite controller was presented by the company just during this event in 2018. Microsoft has already confirmed that it will attend this new edition, so it seems obvious that this will be where this controller will be presented to all players. Of course, everything indicates that Geoff is going to have to get used to being ruined by surprises.

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