This could be the design of the folding Google Pixel

They return, and with more force than ever, the rumors that point to Google would be working on a folding Pixel. We already told you, a few days ago, that in the most recent update of Google Camera a new icon had appeared that, due to its appearance, is very reminiscent of the design of the Samsung Galazy Z Fold. This, of course, invites us to think that the much rumored project, but that at the end of last year seemed to have entered a dead end, could actually continue rolling and even be closer than we might think.

And it is that if the week the news was an icon, today we find what could be the concept renders that Google engineers would be working with. Specifically, what we see is an image published by the popular Weibo technology blogger and leaker @DCS, The leaker clarifies, however, that they are some images that include interesting aspects of the foldable Google Pixel, but that they are subject to modifications in the design.

Still, and in combination with the Google Camera icon, we have a new sign that Google would have opted for a design similar to that of the Galaxy Z Fold, although it could also have taken elements from other devices of the same style, such as the OPPO Find N, with which some analysts are already comparing it. And, of course, in all cases we are talking about the current generations, as we remember that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will be presented, except for surprises, in the Galaxy Unpacked next week.

A very interesting aspect that @DCS points out has to do with your main camera. And it is that, unlike the most popular option today, perforation on the screen, or a risky bet for a sensor under the screen, Google would have opted for include the elements of it in the frame of the phonemore concretely in various micro-perforations distributed by himself. In this way, screen space is not lost (as with perforation in it) nor does its performance be compromised with a technology that is not yet mature enough.

And when would this folding Google Pixel see the light? The most optimistic point to the presentation of the Google Pixel 7, which will take place sometime between September and October, most likely the latter, as the debut moment of the foldable Google Pixel. And on the one hand it may make sense, since it would explain the inclusion of the new icon in Google Camera, but on the other hand, either Google has managed to maintain total secrecy around its development (something complicated in this sector) or it seems a bit of a gamble early.

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