This could be the “One more thing” of the presentation of the iPhone 14

Whenever a new Apple event approaches, all the rumors about what will be presented at it jump. However, it is not only about the products that are more or less known that the Cupertino company is going to present, but also about the famous “One more thing”, that surprise that Apple has sometimes revealed at the end of the big events. . Keep reading and we will tell you what could be the next one.

A wireless HomePod, could it be?

Habitually, the “One more thing” are really amazing productstherefore the possibility that a wireless HomePod will be presented in the next Keynote in September is something that could make sense, since it would surprise all viewers, since the HomePod, at the moment, is just a speaker that it has to be permanently connected to the current to be able to offer the services that characterize it.

HomePod mini blue

However, even though this possibility is very remote, the concept of a wireless HomePod is something that, in theory, Apple will have considered, since it is one of the requests that the vast majority of users who have a HomePod or HomePod mini in their homes have made. If these devices are characterized by something, it is by being able to deliver really good sound qualityaccompanies a fairly considerable volume considering, especially in the HomePod mini, its size.

homepod mini blurred

Nevertheless, the concept of HomePod is also linked to Sirisince not just a speaker, is also an assistant and therefore, so that it can be continuously available to users, it has to be connected to the current and, above all, to the internet, two aspects that would be in danger in a wireless HomePod. Despite this, it would be really interesting if the Cupertino company were able to bring to market a wireless speaker with the sound-level features that its current HomePod range already has.

Is it usual to have a “One more thing”?

One of the reasons why the “One more thing” are so popular is because they don’t always happen at Apple events, in fact the opposite usually happens, that there aren’t. Despite this, whenever the Keynotes are coming to an end, the spectators have that intrigue and that illusion to see if, just that event they are watching, will have a “One more thing” that leaves their mouths open.

The reality is that Tim Cook has not surprised all viewers with a groundbreaking news or product for a long time, so surely, every day we are all closer to being able to let ourselves be surprised with a “One more thing” that, as we have previously commented , it could be a wireless HomePod, although at the moment, this idea seems somewhat distant, since all the rumors that you know today about the HomePod revolve around a small renewal of the HomePod mini, and the launch, in 2023 that yes, from a new HomePod.

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