This detail reconnects Daenerys with The House of the Dragon

Every new episode of The House of the Dragon passes through an extraordinary filter of millions of eyes that point to the television and that search, in the depths of their love for the work of George RR Martin, for some thread, a clue, a reference however insignificant it may be to any data that returns them to Game of Thrones. And the truth is that the new HBO series is not disappointing anyone. And if not, look what we are going to reveal to you now.

No dreamers… prophets!

First of all say that we are going to reveal a couple of little things that take place in the first two episodes of The House of the Dragonso if you haven’t seen it, don’t keep reading for no eat you a good SPOILER.

The fact is that in the first episode of the series, the monarch Viserys I lets everyone who is close to him know that he has had a dream, that of the birth of a descendant baron who came to this world already adorned with the crown of king. Surely many of you thought that the same could be due to a daydream, to an invention verbalized in that story, but if something differentiates the Targaryens from many other families in Westeros, it is that those visions often come true. And how do we know?

Well, very simple. In another scene, King Viserys I himself tells his daughter Rhaenyra of another dream that Aegon the Conqueror had, none other than the Targaryen king who united the Seven Kingdoms to be prepared for the arrival of a fearsome threat that would be forged at North, beyond the wall. He was able to see “the absolute darkness riding on those winds and what dwells within will destroy the world of the living.” Since then this view has been known as The Song of Ice and Fire. As you can see, what the old monarch already saw is what we will discover practically from the first episode of the first season of Game of Throneswhen they clearly show us the existence of those white walkers.

So it seems clear that those dreams that some Targaryens have are not illusions or banal daydreams, but on the contrary, they predict something that is going to happen. Now, what does all this have to do with the Daenerys we met in Game of Thrones?

A link that travels through the blood

It is evident that what some Targaryens manage to see are pure and simple prophecies, of those that will end up being fulfilled yes or yes, like it also happens with the mother of dragons when she is able to see the Iron Throne surrounded by snowsomething that we will see come true at the end of season eight and the events that will lead to that outcome that many fans did not like too much.

Thus, Daenerys becomes another new Targaryen dreamer capable of contemplating what can happen in the future, in the same way that Viserys I (the character we see in The House of the Dragon) or Aegon the Conqueror, who reached with his predictions to confirm events that would end up seeing his own descendants.

So when someone in the series says again that “a Targaryen without his dragons is just like any other mortal of Westeros“You know what to tell him: are you capable of knowing what will happen in the future?

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