This DirectX Tool Tells You How Much RAM Your GPU Has

Our computer is made up of a series of hardware elements that together achieve the user experience we have on a day-to-day basis. In addition to the processor, disk drives or RAM memory, the GPU It is also a very important element. To know different data of this component, we will talk about a powerful DirectX tool.

In fact, here we are referring to the graphic system that our computer implements and that gives us the possibility of using certain software solutions. Depending on the type of use we make of our PC, the importance of the installed graphics varies. There is no doubt that, if we want to focus on the graphic designthe Photo retouchingworking with 3D objects, or playing games, the installed GPU is a key element.

The manufacturers that focus on these software components offer us several models among their wide range of products. Depending on our needs and requirements, we will opt for one model or another. Keep in mind that the graphic system is also extremely important when mining cryptocurrency, something that has been talked about so much lately. Another section that we must take into consideration is the graphic level of the games that we are going to run on the PC, as well as the media objects What are we going to avoid and treat?

Of course, if we are professionals related to design, today we want to get the most out of the latest video games released, we will need a next generation GPU. There are several elements that in turn are part of these graphs, among which the available RAM memory is one of the most important. This is something that will directly influence the subsequent experience when using it on PC.

Know the amount of RAM of the GPU thanks to DirectX

All this that we have mentioned before refers to the hardware graphics components, but here the software also has a great influence. We refer to having the most recent drivers for that graphics card, to keep the DirectX libraries updated in Windows. But it may be the case that we have bought an already assembled equipment, and for whatever reason we do not know the amount of RAM memory available on the GPU.

Well, we have various ways of knowing this information, although perhaps the fastest and most effective is through an interesting tool precisely one of the DirectX. And it is that, in addition to providing us with this information, it offers us a multitude of data, all of them related to the aforementioned graph and its operation. Moreover, this same tool that we will talk about next will help us to detect errors related to the graphic section of our computer. Both visual and audio elements, or those related to the devices we use to play, come into play here.

But in this case what interests us is to know the amount of RAM memory that we have in the GPU of our computer. Once we know all this, we tell you that we are talking about the functionality called DirectX Diagnostic Tool. To access it we just have to write the command Dxdiag in the search box of the operating system. At that moment, a new window divided into several tabs will appear on the screen at the top.

In order to obtain the information that interests us in this case, we go to the so-called Screen. Here we will see a good amount of information, as well as very useful, related to the graphics of our equipment, including the available RAM memory. At the same time we can see the errors related to the aforementioned DirectX libraries.

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