This drone-like helicopter is the novelty of MFS

Some very peculiar helicopters

The people of Microsoft Flight Simulator have reached an agreement with the German company Volocopter to include their spectacular model VoloCity, an eVTOL that functions as an air taxi and is characterized by being completely electric. This peculiar aircraft will be the first contact with the helicopters in the game, so it is expected that new models will arrive later with future updates.

With this addition, we will finally enjoy the first helicopter in the game, although perhaps its appearance and technology was not exactly what many users were expecting. Even so, the Volocopter will not arrive until November, so we will have to wait until then to be able to take vertical shots and sail through the great metropolises as a luxury tour guide. It wouldn’t be a bad job, would it? Of course, your accessories compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator will probably not be very practical with these aircraft.

New World Update VI

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The world of Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to grow, and now, Germany, Austria and Switzerland will receive the new texture pack that will allow them to get the best representation of cities such as Basel in Switzerland, Graz and Vienna in Austria and other large cities in Germany. Over 100 new POIs, more airports, and new deep forest landing and travel challenges have been included.

The update World Update VI It will be available for free from September 7, so it will not be until then when you can fly through Germanic lands in great detail.

Reno racing is coming

Microsoft Flight Simulator

As if that were not enough, the development team has reached an agreement with the RARE association (Reno Air Racing Association) to include the famous STIHL National Air Racing Championship. In these races the planes reach 500 mph at an altitude between 50 and 250 feet, making it the fastest motor sport in the world.

With this addition, players will be able to enjoy very fun races to which they can invite friends to compete on circuits. In this way, a competitive multiplayer mode is included for the first time in Flight Simulator, opening an interesting door to future competitions.

This new type of racing for the Reno Air Races will arrive in the fall of this year, so it will be a matter of months until it is available for download.

For PC and Xbox

Let us remember that all these novelties will be available both on PC and on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, since, with the arrival of the game to consoles, now there are no limits to be able to take to the skies, either with keyboard and mouse or with command. Nor should we forget that Microsoft Flight Simulator is included in Xbox Game Pass, so subscribers can play it completely free of charge at no cost.

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