This electric bike has a record range of 500 km

The Optibike brand has just announced the official launch of the R22 Everest. This Speedbike-like electric bike is capable of covering 500 km on a single charge! Only, you have to deal with a particularly high selling price: 17,900 dollars.

optimize r22 everest
Credits: Optibike

For several years now, the urban mobility market has experienced unprecedented growth. In France alone and according to the latest estimates from the Statista site, there should be more than one million electric scooters in circulation.

Faced with this enthusiasm from the public, many manufacturers have embarked on this buoyant sector, such as Peugeot with the eCO1, an electric bike with 120 km of autonomy displayed at 1299 € or even Lidl, which recently created a stir with its electric bike sold at a bargain price of under €1,000.

optimize r22 everest
Credits: Optibike

However, on this Friday, June 10, 2022, it is the turn of the Optibike brand to announce the launch of a brand new electric bike. And as much to say that it intends to impose itself as a reference of autonomy. Indeed, the R22 Everest has a special feature: in its robust carbon frame, it carries two imposing accumulators of 1630 Wh each, i.e. 3260Wh in total.

In fact and thanks to this generous capacity, the R22 Everest has an incredible range of 500 km in a single charge! Or the equivalent of a Paris-Bordeaux trip. As you will have understood, the emphasis has been placed on autonomy. In addition to these batteries, the R22 Everest is equipped with full suspension, essential to provide more comfort on long journeys and to absorb any shocks. It must be said that the beast already weighs a whopping 42 kg.

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optimize r22 everest
Credits: Optibike

500 km of autonomy… provided you do not exceed 25 km/h

These are not the only impressive features of this electric bike. Thanks to its 1700 W motor and 190 Nm of torque, the R22 Everest has a top speed of 45 km/h. However, at this speed, the bike changes category and becomes a Speedbike. In addition, autonomy inevitably drops to 160 km.

In fact and to reach the promised 500 km, it will not exceed 25 km / h. Whatever, the legislation authorizes bicycles whose electrical power rating does not exceed 250Wi.e. a speed of 25 km/h.

But if this R22 Everest appeals to you, one major feature should cool you off: its price. Indeed, Optibike’s latest product is displayed at prohibitive price of 17,900 dollars! In any case, the manufacturer has not yet announced availability on the French market, so if you are interested you will have to go through the import.

Source : New Atlas

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