This electric car mines cryptocurrency when it’s not running

The Daymak Spiritus is the world’s first electric car capable of mining cryptocurrency. Equipped with a cryptomining solution called Nebula, it can generate digital assets when it’s not rolling.

In early 2021, Daymak, a manufacturer of electric cars based in Canada, lifted the veil on an electric vehicle prototype dubbed Daymak Spiritus. Following a crowdfunding campaign, the Canadian company lifted the veil on a convincing concept car with three wheels.

Several months later, Daymak returns to center stage with a fully functional prototype. The company has also demonstrated the possibilities of its car in a short video posted on YouTube. You can see the car crossing a parking lot, a sloping road or making a bend. In the sequence, the car traveled below 136 km / h, its maximum expected speed.

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The first car capable of mining cryptocurrency arrives in 2023

The car stands out above all thanks to its cryptocurrency mining system. Called Nebula, this device is capable of mining digital assets when the car is stationary, parked or during the recharging phase (wired or wireless). “We are delighted to present and explain our exciting new technologies, such as the Ondata wireless charging system and the Nebula cryptocurrency suite”, explains Aldo Baiocchi, president of Daymak.

It is the first vehicle in the world to natively embed technology of this ilk. Other DIY enthusiasts, however, have already added mining infrastructure to electric cars, such as the Tesla Model 3. During recharging, the car can mine (i.e. generate by performing complex mathematical calculations) cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin , Ether or Dogecoin. The full list of compatible digital currencies has not yet been released.

According to Daymak, the car is de facto capable of reimburse the purchase price itself. “The blockchain revolution is reshaping the financial world across all industries, and Daymak is proud to push the boundaries of the transportation industry… with a car that was funded in part by cryptocurrency mining and payments in cryptocurrencies ”, continues the manager.

Daymak aims to launch the Spiritus in the course of next year. The Canadian company plans to produce around 50,000 units in the coming years.

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