This error in Windows Defender blocks it and exposes the PC

And it is that having an antivirus installed on our computer, more with the dangers in the form of malware that currently lie in wait for us, is almost mandatory. Whether through this security solution or any other, we must protect our team and the data stored here. Although the aforementioned Windows Defender comes pre-installed on the system when we start using it from scratch, we can always disable it. This is something that we only recommend if you install another similar proposal.

In fact, when you install a Third-party antivirus on Windows, the mentioned one that comes by default is automatically deactivated. Despite its great reliability, this Microsoft security solution sometimes presents us with some inconveniences in the form of bugs. For example, some users are reporting an error that reads Your organization manages protection in Windows Defender. In addition, after the appearance of this we will not be able to activate the antivirus and therefore our computer will be exposed to all kinds of malicious codes.

What is the error The organization manages protection in Windows Defender

Therefore, next, we are going to talk about what this error is about and how you can solve it in the event that you are affected. The first thing we should know is that this type of failure can appear suddenly for some reasons. restrictions in program policies that have been established. Keep in mind that this is not necessary for us to have carried it out by hand. In fact, on many occasions these restrictions are implemented by third-party antivirus that we have installed, or some type of malware.

Even if we have uninstalled those third party security-related programs, the restrictions and changes would still be active. This means that the appearance of the aforementioned error The organization manages the protection in Windows Defender, is still possible.

Fix bug in Microsoft antivirus

At this point, below we are going to show you how to fix this error and be able to continue using Windows Defender as before. First of all, we are going to do a simple check, something that is possible if we use an edition of the operating system other than Home, for example, Pro. We say this because we are going to access the system group policies to perform this check.

This is something we achieve through gpedit.msc command that we execute, and in the new window that appears we go to Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Defender Antivirus. Here we are going to find a good number of folders and directives of that same route.

Now we only have to check all of them one by one to make sure that they are all in mode not configured.

Next, we will have to access the system registry editor through the regedit command. Once in the new window we will have to go to the following route:


In the Microsoft key we will probably find two folders, one called Windows Advanced Threat Protection and the other Windows Defender. Of course, before making changes here we recommend carrying out a registry backup. To finish, we just have to delete both folders and restart Windows.

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