This extension for Chrome lets you know who really pays for Twitter Blue

The arrival of Elon Musk on Twitter has been a real shock for the social network, a minority social network but one that makes much more noise than any other. After paying $44 billion, Musk is trying to make the investment profitable and earn income so he can continue to keep the platform afloat, after laying off more than half the staff.

A few months ago, Twitter Blue launched a payment method that allowed anyone to create a Twitter account and automatically obtain the verification badge, something that a large number of people took advantage of to impersonate accounts of public and well-known persons as well as companies. This plan lasted just over 48 hours when Elon Musk realized that this was not the way.

Today, Twitter offers the verified account badge to all people who pay monthly for Twitter Blue, a badge that until then was achieved if we were a relevant member of the community, journalist, politician, person of public interest and others. The people who until now had that badge continue to enjoy it, even if they don’t pay, so they a doubt is generated for many users when it comes to knowing if an account is verified according to the methodology used by Twitter or if they have gone through the checkout to obtain it.

If we spend a lot of time on Twitter and doubts about this information assail us, the solution is as simple as resorting to the extension Eight Dollars. Taking into account what this blue badge on Twitter represents and that there are two methods by which it could have been obtained, it is important to know the origin of this, that is, if it has been paid for or if it is a verified account.

Eight Dollars
Eight Dollars

Once the extension is installed, we do not have to do absolutely anything else. Every time we access Twitter, the extension will do its job and show us, just to the right of the account name, if it is an account that has obtained the badge through the old verification system (Verified) or if it is has gone through the box to obtain it (Paid).

Twitter Blue

As it is an extension for Chrome, we can install it in any other browser that is based on the same project, be it Edge, Opera, Vivaldi or any other. If we use Edge, we can install the extension available in the Microsoft extension store through this link. The extension consumes very few resources, so we won’t notice a drop in performance when browsing, regardless of the browser we use.

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