This feature allows you to open many videos at once in VLC

In the same way that happens with text documents or photographic files, the execution of videos on our PC is the order of the day. For all this, we generally use some type of multimedia player, as in the case of VLCone of the most loved by most.

We have at our fingertips a multitude of options in this regard for which to opt. There are some players that are characterized by being very light, others by their compatibility, or by their original user interface. Be that as it may, the aforementioned open source program VLC is one of the most used proposals of this type. There are several reasons why most people opt for this software, starting with its reliability and stability. At the same time we can add that it is compatible with most current audio and video formats.

In addition, it is also interesting to know that it is an application prepared to satisfy the needs of both novice and advanced users. With these we mean that, if we do not want to complicate ourselves, it is enough to run a video file here to view it without any problem. But at the same time, in its interface we can find a series of advanced configuration functions that we can customize. It is worth mentioning that these are generally available to users with knowledge in these matters. In short, VLC adapts to everyone and ways of use.

But in addition to the advanced features that we mentioned, this is a program that also offers very simple and useful functions. Obviously all of them focused on facilitating the playback of media contentboth music and videos.

Open many videos at the same time in VLC

It is for all these reasons that we are going to talk about a functionality that will be very useful in this program on certain occasions. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of loading for later execution, multiple video files. All this will be useful to us when it comes to automating the reproduction of these contents and disregarding their implementation.

Keep in mind that this program offers us the possibility of opening a single file in a conventional way, or several at the same time. For this, it offers us two options available in its menu, as we are going to show you. With the purpose of play multiple video files here, the first thing we do is go to the menu option Medium / Open multiple files. At that moment, a new small window will appear on the screen, which is where we are going to load the different files.

Add VLC videos

We just have to click on the add button and select the corresponding files on our drives to be added to the list. In the same way we have the possibility to delete it from here by means of the delete button. It must be said that we also have the possibility of accessing the customization of this execution by activating the Show more options selector. Here we can set the specific start and stop time of the uploaded content. We will also have the possibility of modifying the cache to be used by VLC for the reproduction of this list of video contents.

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