This feature allows you to see your PC’s performance when playing on Steam

Have in sight the FPS while we play it is very useful for many reasons. The main one is that it allows us to know how well our game is working, at how many frames per second it moves. If these are always at the maximum, we can still allow ourselves to raise the graphics a little to improve quality, while, if they are low, or if we notice drops in FPS, then we still have to lower the graphics a little more to improve performance.

There are many ways to see the FPS while we play. Windows, without going any further, has its own game bar where we can activate a widget for this purpose. And we can also use programs to measure the performance of games, very useful tools with which we can have more control over the PC. But why resort to other programs if we can do everything directly from Steam?

Activate the FPS counter on Steam

This function is available to all users without having to install anything, but by default it is disabled. To activate it, the first thing we have to do is log into our Steam account. Once inside, we open the Steam menu> Parameters, and select the section «In the departure«.

Here we will find several options related to the experience that we can obtain when playing. The one that interests us is the «In-game FPS counter«. We select the box and we can choose the corner where we want to show the counter.

Once selected (the most common is in the upper left or right), we accept the changes and that’s it. We no longer have to do anything else. Now, when we open a Steam game we will see that, automatically, this counter appears where we have chosen. And it will be there, always in sight, but without disturbing us while we play.

Does measuring FPS affect performance?

This is a question that many users ask. Does this feature really affect gaming performance? Or the use of any other program that does the same?

Technically speaking, yes it should make a difference. We must bear in mind that all the functions that we activate must be controlled by the processor, and that translates precisely into a loss of performance. For this Steam feature, it is controlled by the steam interface that is loaded on the game, so, whether we activate the meter or not, if this interface is activated the impact will be the same.

The same goes for the windows game bar. Whether we show it or not, if we have it activated, it will be running in the background all the time, and showing it, or showing any of its widgets, will not consume more resources. If we choose to use other programs, we must bear in mind that these are already loaded at a higher rate, and in that case there will be a performance difference.

However, in practice, the impact is negligible. We will not notice a difference between playing with these interfaces activated or deactivated.

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