This feature of ACDSee Photo Studio is spectacular when tagging photos

Working with images on our computer has become commonplace in most cases. Sometimes we accumulate hundreds or even thousands of files of this type that we must manage in some way. That yes, for all this programs of the type of ACDSee Photo Studio They can be very useful to us.

The treatments that we can carry out with our photos on the PC today are very varied. Furthermore, thanks to the power of the hardware available and the software that we can use, the types of tasks to be carried out are many. Here we refer to visualizing those images, edit themconvert them to other formats, print them or order them for that our library does not become a chaos. As we mentioned before, at this time we can benefit from the functions of a specific software solution.

In these lines we want to focus on a program that has been with us for a good number of years and that has not stopped growing and improving. Specifically, we are referring to ACDSee Photo Studio, a complete solution with multiple features focused on image processing. In fact, it puts at our disposal a multitude of functions related to photo editing, but it will also allow us to manage them in the best way. So much so that next we will talk about an integrated functionality that makes these functions much easier for us. organizational tasks.

This is something that becomes especially evident in the event that we have a library with thousands of contents of this type, something increasingly common. Specifically, we refer to the functionality called People Mode that the program integrates by default.

What is People Mode in ACDSee Photo Studio

Probably among our vast library of images saved on the drives, we find photos with content of all kinds. As usual, a good part of them contains people such as acquaintances, friends or relatives. Precisely for all this on certain occasions we will try to catalog these contents based on the people who appear in them. That is where the People Mode functionality that we are talking about comes into play.

And it is thanks to the internal technology used by this applicationthis function is responsible for carrying out a automatic recognition and detection of faces that appear in our photos. This allows us to name each of the detected elements and catalog thousands of contents of this type in a few minutes. All this is achieved thanks to the machine learning technology that integrates ACDSee Photo Studio in order to make things easier for us in this regard.

With the passage of time and thanks to the artificial intelligence that this function offers us, as we use it, the available modes of use will increase. This will allow us, in addition to catalog our content based on detected facesrename them, delete them from the original photo and even receive tagging suggestions.

ACDSee Photo Studio people catalog

The larger the database of faces detected by Person Mode, the more time we will save organizing our photos.

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