This function helps you not to run out of data when you use the mobile Internet on the PC

Microsoft’s operating system, Windows, is an operating system that is designed to run on millions of completely different computers, so we could consider it a work of engineering. Due to its nature, the Redmond-based company is forced to periodically release updates to fix certain operating problems.

If habitually, we share mobile data of our smartphone with the laptop, depending on the type of use we make and the rate we have contracted, we can find ourselves with an unpleasant surprise, although the task we are doing on the laptop does not require internet. Windows is configured to automatically download the new updates available for our PC, a download in, in certain cases, can occupy several GB.

If our rate is just GB or if we simply do not want Windows updates to be downloaded when we are using our mobile data, Windows allows us to configure each of the Wi-Fi networks to which we connect to limit data usage. This reduction in data usage means that updates will not be downloaded when we are connected to these networks.

Do not run out of mobile data if you use your mobile

To modify the use that Windows makes of our wireless internet connection, the first thing we must access to the properties of the Wi-Fi signal. To do so, we must click on the Wi-Fi signal icon in the taskbar and then click on More Wi-Fi configuration options.

WiFi mobile data

Next, we connect our laptop to the Wi-Fi signal where we want to limit activity. In the Wi-Fi adapter configuration window, we have to click on the second option that is displayed: Properties of wifi-network-name. In the next window, the details of this connection will be displayed and among which we find the type of network it is (public or private), the SSID name (name of the Wi-Fi network), the type of encryption we are using , the type of band (2.4 or 5 GHz) and the channel among others.

In addition, it also shows us an option that, by default, is disabled. We are talking about the option Metered connection. This option is responsible for deactivating the download of Windows updates when we are connected to it. To activate, we just have to mark the switch located just to the right.

WiFi mobile data

Another of the options that Windows makes available to us is the possibility of set a maximum MB or GB limit that we can use when we are connected to that wireless network. Windows does not allow us to limit the Internet access of applications independently, so we can only set a maximum limit that will be shared by all applications and the system. If we want to establish a maximum limit in MB or GB in the Internet connection of our mobile, from the window where we are, click on Set a maximum data limit to help control data usage on this network.

WiFi mobile data

In that window, we will click on Specify limit and establish if we want this to be monthly, weekly or without date, the date on which it is restored and the data limit in MBs or GBs.

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