This Game Boy Advance SP is more interesting than the Switch

A Game Boy Advance SP with Bluetooth and wireless charging

Since you have the necessary knowledge and enough skill to deal with somewhat more complex modifications, why not do something that differs from what has been seen so far? That was possibly what this user who built a very special Game Boy Advance SP asked himself, so much so that you may like it even more than the current Nintendo Switch in its three available variants.

Well, liking you more than the Nintendo Switch may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is true that this modification of one of Nintendo’s classic laptops is quite striking. It is also a little thicker than the original model, but now you will see that it is more than justified by the advantages it brings.

To begin with, the thickness is the first thing that will catch your attention as we said before. This is so because the original case gave little room to add new elements. And of course, the author of this modification needs a certain minimum space to be able to add two important characteristics in the user experience.

Therefore, the first thing he did was design a new case so that he could have more space. So with the model ready, he printed it using a 3D printer and voila. To keep moving forward.

First stop? Add one higher capacity rechargeable battery, so you could play for longer by going from 600 mAh to the current 1,600 mAh. Taking advantage of the extra space, it also added a USB C connector so that you could charge it with the different adapters and cables that we already use daily with other devices, such as mobile phones or the Nintendo Switch itself.

Second stop? Add Bluetooth to it. Yes, this Game By Advance SP has Bluetooth connection to be able to use wireless headphones. Something that Switch users have been asking to be able to do without the need for adapters, but we are going to stay with the desire apparently and despite the rumors that sometimes come out. Along with that module, a 3.5 mm connector was also added for those who prefer cable.

Finally, although before we talked about a larger battery and the USB C connection, we did not say that this laptop also has the possibility of making use of a dock. wireless charging. In other words, a Qi charger like the one you can use with your smartphone will also charge the console’s battery. Cool right?

Build your own Game Boy Advance SP Thicc

At video published by Macho Nacho Productions not only does the console appear in its maximum splendor and they talk about all this that we have told you about. Also in the YouTube description box you can see a llist of used components for creation and, most importantly, links to video tutorials so that if you have patience you can create your own version of this striking modification.

However, even if you do not dare, take a look at the video because it is a real delight if you like the whole subject of mods and retro consoles. Although

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