This Game Boy turned 90 degrees is something Nintendo should have done

from portrait to landscape

Game Boy hit stores in 1989 with a revolutionary design and a new concept that It allowed as a great novelty the exchange of games through cartridges. It goes without saying that its vertical form factor has transcended all the cultural borders that we can imagine and today it is a myth with which hundreds of millions of people around the world grew up, enjoying themselves like real crazy people glued to great games like the Tetris, Super Mario Land, etc. Who doesn’t think that arrangement of elements with the screen at the top and the buttons and the crosshead just below seems natural?

But what would happen if we reversed the order of those factors and turned the Game Boy into a landscape-oriented console? That, in certain systems, would lead to a wide screen being seen differently, but in the case of this Game Boy there is no misperception because the aspect ratio of its panel is practically 1:1, that is, completely square , so that games won’t stop looking different.

Even so, it is interesting to see how the result of this prototype that it could well have been an alternative to the final design that we enjoyed 30 years ago. In this case, in addition, we do not miss anything, no button or connector, because this model has a headphone output, a power light, a volume wheel and even an expansion port to connect it to other consoles and allow multiplayer gaming.

Two carcasses were euthanized

This Game Boy model is not only a new approach to the old Nintendo design, respecting all its exterior measurements, but also incorporates several substantial improvements. For example in the screen, which is created with a modified IPS kit with clarity, definition and lighting that allow you to see the game without problems, in any light condition. Or the battery that it includes and that makes us forget about those four AA batteries needed to have a few hours of entertainment.

To build this Game Boy model, yes, two shells of the original console were needed, that have allowed Obirux create that new horizontal orientation of the prototype. Needless to say, both the crosshead, the buttons A and B and Start and Options, or the switch power and volume wheel have been taken from one of the consoles sacrificed to maintain the same consistency with the original machine.

Seeing how good it looks and the game setup with the controls on both sides of the screen it only remains to ask ourselves if Nintendo ever considered a similar design and, if so, how close we came to seeing it in stores. Don’t you think she looks great?

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