This game of letters hits it on Twitter (and you too will be hooked)

In recent days, Twitter has been filled with captures of a curious letter game with a very cool and colorful design. Is about Wordle, a puzzle that has flown like gunpowder through the timelines of all the world. If you are a little curious about this new game, today we will explain how it works and what future plans has according to its creator.

Wordle, a guess the code modern and current

Wordle is a browser game with a very simple premise. The game hide a 5 letter word that we should try to guess, something like the “hangman’s game.” We have six attempts To get the word right, we might consider something like a password.

When it comes to playing, Wordle has a Interface so well done that we are going to learn to play practically from the first game. Hence, it has achieved so much success in such a short time. We will have to go placing 5 letter words on each line. Ideally, start with a word that has several vowels, to discard options as quickly as possible. Next, each letter of the word that we have written will light up in a color.

  • If it stays Gray, that letter is not in the hidden word.
  • If it turns colored yellow, the letter is in the word, but we have not guessed its position.
  • If, on the contrary, it becomes green, we have guessed both the word and the position of the letter. Of course, the word may have that letter more than once. In that case, it will take ingenuity to reach that conclusion.

The entire game is accompanied by a keyboard that changes color in real time to make the game as enjoyable as possible. If you miss the sixth try, you lose. And along the way, surely you have to put words with letters that you already know are not in the hidden word. Why? Because Wordle only lets you enter words that are in the dictionary (in English for now).

Will this game come to iPhone and Android?

wordle how to play.

Josh Wardle is the developer behind this curious puzzle. Unlike other creators, Wardle has stated in an interview with BBC Radio 4 that not interested in monetizing the game. He does not plan to advertise on the web or adapt the game to native iOS or Android applications. When the media have rebuked him about this issue, the developer has commented that he does not understand why things simply cannot be fun. No money involved. Come on, he invites us to enjoy the game, period. In their plans there are no micropayments, nor loot boxes, nor any practice of dubious morality that is so exploited by the video game industry today. Josh is content with us liking the game.

However, there is another reason. Wardle doesn’t want his game to become just another app with hundreds of thousands of people hooked trying combinations. Surely for that, we can only play a daily game of Wordle. The game engages and is very fun, yes, but with this mechanism, the game guarantees that we are going to use the right and necessary time.

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