This Game & Watch is so unique that everyone thought it was fake

An unknown gem

Game & Watch Exclusive

Playhistoire’s Petits Secrets YouTube channel received a message from a user asking about the mysterious console. The auction link was real, and the question asked whether I had ever seen said model and if it was a real edition. Well, after much research, it seems that the console was indeed a real model that came into being, but it was such a special and strange version that few people in the world knew of its existence.

And it seems that it was a console that only a few privileged were able to obtain, and almost certainly, three that did are those that are drawn on the front cover. But who are they?

20 million units sold

Nintendo history

According to some stories from Nintendo employees, during the development of the Game & Watch console in its Green House version, Nintendo announced that it had reached the figure of 20 million consoles sold, something with which the engineer Gunpei Yokoi decided to pay tribute with a special edition. This edition 20,000,000 It ended up being green (the same color as the Green House model on which it was actually based), and the only difference is that it showed a very attractive front aluminum plate with most of the main characters from all the Game & games. Watch.

But Yokoi had to have an even more exclusive idea, and this is where the recently auctioned model comes into play. Considering that he was able to design a new model on his own, it seems that this engineer also thought about doing something on a personal level, and decided to draw himself together with K. Momose (who was none other than the owner of the factory that made those license plates). aluminum for Nintendo) and T. Ishida (factory employee who was the contact between Nintendo and the aluminum factory).

And that must have been the result, a custom plaque designed by artist Makoto Kano that paid tribute to three workers who made possible the existence of such a famous portable console.

Part of the history of the model of the 20 million units sold can be read in the book The History of Nintendo Volume 2, Paper Heroes. We leave you the purchase link below in case you want to take a look.

How much has it been sold for?

Game & Watch Exclusive

The most curious thing about all this is that the auction was published on Yahoo Japan by a profile without much experience, so the auction could only reach the figure of 1,000,000 yen (about 7,700 euros to change), price for which the product was finally sold. Had it been published with a professional profile or with a greater history in auctions, surely it could have reached a higher figure.

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