This gaming chair with RGB Rainbow costs less than a TOP chair

You are looking at gaming chairs to buy one, you want something good, something of quality, something TOP and then you see the prices and… You think about it. You will have more doubts when you see the latest from the NOUA brand, which has given a more than interesting touch to its top-of-the-range model so far this year. We talk about the new NOUA Sen S1 RGBwhich has just gone on sale at a really competitive price that will make you wonder if you really need a chair as such.

If the height adjustment is not a problem as such, if you do not need to move around sitting in your room, this gaming chair is possibly a more valid option than the typical chair of proven quality. But what is special about it?

NOUA Sen S1 RGB: comfort and RGB, lots of RGB


Curiously, this model was going to be called Sen S2, but the company decided to change the name to Sen S1 RGB and reserve the previous one for a future where innovations are even greater. What we have in front of us is a large volume armchair with dimensions of 84 x 69 x 105cmwhich will give us to almost sleep on top of it due to the space we will have to move.

The design is certainly innovative, especially for the small solutions designed to improve comfort, which is what the company is looking for. In the first place, we will have some padded materials made of synthetic leather of the highest quality in black with a diamond texture that will divide the pressure of our body to improve blood flow if we spend many hours in front of it.

It is a system used in high-end products in addition to offering a very premium aesthetic. The stitching will be in orange as well as the logos. It has an adjustable ergonomic backrest that is quite curious because it does not have any lever to recline, we will only have to make a minimum pressure with the back to adapt it to one of the two positions that it allows: 130 degrees to watch series and movies 170 degrees to rest, apart of course from the most vertical position to be able to play comfortably.

Padded armrests and RGB system


It has a lumbar cushion to reduce pressure on the spine and neck, since depending on the posture we adopt, it will be necessary if we want to keep both parts of the body in the best comfort.

The most striking note is undoubtedly the LED system which includes, since it crosses the two arms and the backrest in its profiles, achieving a gaming aesthetic that is more fashionable today than ever. To manage the lighting system we have a comfortable remote control which should allow various effects beyond the default Rainbow.


This is not confirmed since the company is keeping a lot of secrecy with this, so it remains pending. Finally, its price, since it is set at only €279, at the level of a mid-range gaming chair, with much greater comfort and with the option of having more space to be more comfortable. At the moment there is no date of arrival in our country, but being an Italian brand it should not take too long.

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